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They are looking for four people who went missing in Chiapaso.

Guadalajara Jalisco. , four people missing in the state of Chiapas, going Two of them originated from Sokonusco. and others…

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Guadalajara Jalisco. , four people missing in the state of Chiapas, going Two of them originated from Sokonusco. and others from the state of Jalisco 1st May and it is feared that they are about the identity of four bodies found 365 kms away from where the incidents happened.

According to the information, in the state of southeastern Mexico, the authorities sought support to locate Heriberto Guzman Cornejo 32 years and Rigoberto Gutierrez Diazu 42 years, both Originally from Guadalajara. are residents ofJalisco, except Leonardo Javier García Encheta 21 years more Luis Alvaro Arsiniaga Ancheyta, 22 years old, both huahuatanaChiapas.

Leonardo’s father, who reported to the prosecutor’s office against the forced disappearances and disappearances of persons committed by private parties to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), noted that May 1 at 11:30 pm. That was the last time he heard from four people.

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It describes how Leonardo and his cousin Luis lvaro both left their home in Huehuetán, a municipality on the Chiapas coast, with Rigoberto on a pickup truck. Silverado HYR7546 with circulation plates and bound for Lagos de Colón in the Comitán de Dominguez.

In the case of Heriberto Guzmán Cornejo, he is 32 years old, with a white complexion and a slender complexion, measures one meter and 85 centimeters (cm) and weighs 75 kg, black hair, Mohican, regular black eyes, a large, folded-up mouth and nose; Special signs: Tattoos on both hands, one with his name “Heriberto”. Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

four men who disappeared in Chiapas; Two from Jalisco. FGE

Rigoberto Gutierrez Dias, 42. Dark brown colour, strong coloured, height of one meter 80 cm, short black hair, small black eyes, small mouth and large broad nose. He has a mark on his forehead at the height of his head.

Leonardo Javier García Encheta is 21 years old, he has a light brown complexion, medium complexion, a height of one meter and 70 cm, short black hair, regular eyes, dark brown, a medium sized mouth and a large broad nose, and from the face There is a space on the left up to eye level. From Huehueton, Chiapas.

22-year-old Luis lvaro Arciega is from Ancheta, Huehuetán, Chiapas. He has a light brown complexion, a stocky build, a height of one meter and 72 cm, short black hair, small black eyes, a small mouth and a large broad nose.

It is noteworthy that on this Monday the bodies of four people were located near the municipality of Chiapa de Corojo. Tuxtla Gutierrez International AirportIn the center of the Chiapas unit, so far unrecognizable.

Referring to reports of disappearances in publications in which men were victims, comments like “relatives pray they are not four located in Chiapa de Corzo”, and that, although it is more than 300 kilometers away away from the report, they fear it might be they,

So far, institution officials have not released further details, crossing to local media that recorded events in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood presented four people, two of them with a so-called coup and two others crumbling. Given. plastic bag.

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It would not be the first time that these acts of violence have occurred in the central region of Chiapas, where it is also informally known that there is a territorial dispute between the cartels. sinaloa (CDS) and Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Despite the fact that it remains in the police notes of the local media, there are already reports of acts of violence among armed civilians, showing part of the consequences in this place. the passage of people and illegal substances Hence it becomes a turning point which was historically controlled by CDS and CJNG wants to gain space.

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