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they are dating? China Suarez and Martin Fierro may have been together in 2022 after the Rushking party – people online

Yesterday wasn’t just any night: Martin Fierros was delivered to the Hilton Hotel and the ceremony was incredible. Not only…

By admin , in news , at May 16, 2022

Yesterday wasn’t just any night: Martin Fierros was delivered to the Hilton Hotel and the ceremony was incredible. Not only because it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate two years after the pandemic- that there are so many (good) local productions, but also because our actors’ performances were honoured. In fact, the statues were widely distributed: on the one hand, Augustina Cheri and Luciano Casares won as Best Actor at LA 1-5/18 and MasterChef Celebrity won as Best Program.

In other words, in the case of the Pol-ka telenovela, two different proposals were chosen—from different channels—and both were awarded for their excellent screenplay, production work, and actors’ performances.

However, what we didn’t know until the last minute yesterday was that there was a party in Chana – what used to be Asia de Cuba – in Puerto Madero and many of the great party participants also arrived there.

The Instagram account GossipPam showed photos from the party – in which Jimena Barron’s sensuous dance went unnoticed – and there you can see celebrities like Lali, Mariano Gensio Pea, Lizardo Ponce, Jorge Rey and many more.

However, there were two people who became the center of attention: La China Suarez and Rushking. As it turned out, they did not attend Chana’s event together, but were later seen dancing and drinking while they chatted and laughed. The gossip showed some images that clearly showed it was them.

On the other hand, yesterday María Becerra wrote on Twitter: “On the floor” and, although no one knows what she meant by that phrase, many speculated that it was her state of mind after learning that China Suárez and Rushking had killed several people. Shared outlets. Remember that one of them was in Madrid: they ate hamburgers and beer during the actress’s last trip to Spain.

How will this story continue? It’s hard to tell. Many emphasize the age difference between them – about 10 years – and the personal situation in which everyone lives – China has 3 children and Rushking is unmarried and his only formal relationship was with Maria Becerra – but it is also true that Today you live together with more freedom and without any prejudice. Who can assure that this budding relationship is not in a position to prosper? It can only grow and grow stronger into a stronger friendship… why not? Only time will give the answer to these questions. . more information on



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