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These Are the Best Gazpachos to Drink in the Summer, According to the OCU

Summer is already here in Spain and the most you want to beat the high temperatures is a good gazpacho….

By admin , in news , at May 29, 2022

Summer is already here in Spain and the most you want to beat the high temperatures is a good gazpacho. Its ingredients are lightweight and are characterized by To be one of the star products of summer, There are many types in the market ready for consumption without the need to prepare them at home.

Gazpacho from Andalusia, Extremadura, Manchego, with onions, without onions… There are so many types of expansions that Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) Have decided to select the best on the market.

Although packaged gazpacho can be enjoyed at any time and are a convenient option because you save on preparation, the truth is that nothing tastes better than homemade. According to the OCU, this is because “there are very few people who incorporate bread into their dishes; moreover, the amount of oil is too low to the point that a glass of industrial gazpacho.” Provides an average of 90 calories,

However, the best gazpacho is included in the list prepared by OCU, In terms of ingredients, labeling and flavorTo make the decision convenient for the consumers.

7.- Mercadona. from Gazpacho

Mercadona. from Gazpachomercadona

According to OCU, Mercadona’s own brand, Hacendado, is in most Spanish homes and one of the top-bought gazpachos.
This product has received a 79 out of 100, because although they assure that the labeling fails, the taste and detail of the product is of very good quality. price of fresh gazpacho haciendado 2,50 euro One liter bottle.

6.- Gazpacho of the Day

gazpacho day

Thief 81 marks out of 100Then the Dia brand gazpacho. Made with just the right level of salt, crushed and infused with a color worthy of a good gazpacho. In addition, the brand has used pasteurized extra virgin olive oil for its product.

unit price is 1,69 euros liters.

5.- Gazpacho de Alipende

gazpacho alipende

Salvamas is also crowned with its Alipende brand, Gazpacho. OCU has valued it with 81 marks out of 100 Because of the inclusion of the percentage of food used to make food. Apart from the treatments used for its complete protection.
cost of one liter bottle of gazpacho 2,35 euro liters.

4.- Gazpacho from Lidli

Gazpacho Chef Select

Chef Select, Lidl’s star brand when it comes to gazpacho. OCU gave it a score of 82 out of 100, According to consumers, it has a very good taste and is also low in calories.

However, OCU takes a negative view of not specifying the percentage of vegetables used for its preparation. it doesn’t cost much 2,50 euro liters.

3.- Gazpacho del Aldi

gazpacho aldi

Aldi’s with is located in the top three of the best gazpachos in Spain 83 marks out of 100, This is a recipe that is very similar to home-made cold soup.
It has low calories and its price, 2,35 euro Litter, help him a lot to occupy that position.

2.- Gazpacho Santa Teresa

gazpacho santa teresaSanta Teresa

Santa Teresa Gazpacho too. is one of the best selling supermarkets with a rating of 85 out of 100, In terms of nutritional value, taste, hygiene and additives, it receives one of the best scores.

High-quality vinegar also has a great effect, although its quality varies greatly with its price: 750ml bottle price 5,05 euro And it is the most expensive on the list.

1.- Villaolivo Gazpacho

gazpacho villaolivovillaolivo

Number one on the list. Gazpacho Vilaolivo is made in Totana (Murcia) and tastes similar to that of homemade. Plus, it doesn’t contain preservatives or additives, so it’s 100% natural.
It is made from local ingredients and extra virgin olive oil. its price range 3 euro Unit.

These Are the Best Gazpachos to Drink in the Summer, According to the OCU

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