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These are the best banking apps in Spain

mobile app of caxabank Presents the banking sector’s best digital performance in the first quarter of 2022, according to the…

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mobile app of caxabank Presents the banking sector’s best digital performance in the first quarter of 2022, according to the ranking prepared by SmartMe Analytics, with which it has not reached the position for the first time. BBVAWhich has moved up to second place in the rankings, while Imagine is in third place.

The SmartMe Analytics Mobile Performance Index (MPIX) scores applications by sector from 0 to 100 based on the SmartMe algorithm that utilizes millions of data recorded in real time from a representative sample of 12,600 users monitored monthly through the technology. does. The main variables that it evaluates are market share, the relationship between customers and the digital services they use, and usage time or time per session.

CaixaBank and BBVA, Leading

The MPIx index for the first quarter of 2022 gives CaixaBank 68.64 points, BBVA 62.56 points, Imagine 53.15 points. eng already 47.13 points Santander 46.60, Caixabank is the only bank to increase its score by 4.9% over the previous period.

Among Neobanks, Imagine (CaixaBank) leads with 84.59 points, followed by Revolut (67.34 points) and Rebelion Pay (59.26 points), while the payment methods ranking is ahead of Google Pay with 74.37 points, followed by Samsung Pay . (73.39 points) and Sabadell Wallet (41.76 points).

Google Pay Leads Payment Method Apps

The fintech application sector is gaining more and more users with a share of 12.6% and a growth of 23.5% compared to the previous quarter. It is the only sector that grew between January and March, driven by the rise of Goin, a smartphone tool for personal savings and investment, which increased its share to 51%.

85% of Spaniards use their bank’s app

According to SmartMe data, 84.5% of the digital Spanish population (between 18 and 65 years old) access some financial service from their mobile phone. it admits 2.8% growth in the quarter and 28.4% in the year.

Users of financial apps are a 59% females and 41% males And they have a “high or very high” digital level, with the average age being 39 for the female field and 41 for the male.

In general, average 40 minutes a month banking and at least two different apps are used, so the level of ‘engagement’ is low.

SmartMe Analytics CEO and Founder Lola Chicon has highlighted that the financial sector has managed to implement “a very successful digitisation”.

“Not only is it that all kinds of companies move their operations to the app environment, but users have received them very positively. In addition, new financial tools are emerging in the digital environment every day: recent years Neobanks have been agents of change in the U.S. and now it seems that fintech apps are leading this new wave”, he added.

These are the best banking apps in Spain

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