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The worst is yet to come

After seeing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador so angry because his “Felipe Angels” airport was a white giant due to…

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After seeing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador so angry because his “Felipe Angels” airport was a white giant due to a lack of flights, and threats and pressure on airlines to move operations to Santa Lucia, the international airport was in crisis. “Benito Juárez” “” seemed like a suit sewn into the National Palace, to please him. 100 operations—about 50 flights—to the new airport were moved to the new airport, without mentioning the airspace risk and the woes of the controllers. The deal with the three airlines that led to that meeting reinforced that idea. However, it is not. The truth is worse.

The meeting, convened by the Secretary of the Interior, Aidan Augusto López, noted the credibility, legitimacy and complete lack of dialogue of the Secretary of Communications and Transport, Jorge Arganiz, and the restrained manner in which the airlines agreed to move more than 100 daily. From “Benito Juárez” to “Felipe Angels” operations, it could be argued that it was a response to a disaster caused by itself—not by the airfield or the controllers—with the support of ACIM’s incompetent director Carlos Moran, and In the face of collapse near the old capital airport.

To be clear, if you think we are facing the worst crisis in AICM’s history, you are wrong. The worst is yet to come if the right steps are not taken to turn the tide, leading to a never-before-seen disaster. What will happen to us will be more congestion, more delays and hours lost for passengers on land and in the air, more serious incidents and negligence leading to a disaster where Terminal 2 could literally collapse.

Moran’s irresponsibility and the greed of the airlines led to the crisis. The government gave when Moran allowed the airlines to operate the airport. He let them organize their operations and flights without and without authority controlling them. The way they did it was not illegal, as they were supported by the DGAO/OC6 circular dated October 13, 2016 from the government of Enrique Pea Nieto, where the ACIM informed them—all of them signed the receipt— , that it will be the airline that they arrange among themselves according to their needs, and only inform him what they have decided.

That circular, which sounds absurd, was recycled by Moran, for which the airlines did what they wanted. Thus, about 1,250 flights delivered in 24 hours, which averaged 52 flights per hour before the coronavirus pandemic, were about 1,250 flights in 16 hours, with an average of 62 flights per hour after the pandemic. In other words, the number of flights was maintained but at six hours less, reducing operations during the night, and focusing on peak hours in the morning and evening. Cargo lines reduced their night operations – and overtime –, and there was such chaos that there were such flights that no one knew who had authorized them.

Testimony of the delay from takeoff to the moment of departure for baggage has become a compilation with a delay of up to eight hours in flights of one hour, or with a wait of four hours after the plane has landed in “Benito Juárez”. . Because there was neither position nor equipment to land. Given Moran’s incompetence and ignorance, airlines self-regulated based on their own interests, and we’ve already seen the results.

The acceptance of the transfer of some 50 daily flights to “Felipe’s Angels” is not an acknowledgment of their guilt for the disaster at ACIM, which, after last Saturday’s incident, where a risk accident occurred, in a horrific manner in public opinion. was visible. Two Volaris aircraft, which are already under investigation to determine responsibility. Among the points to be clarified is whether the airlines’ self-regulation, which caused saturation on the ground in ACIM, had some responsibility in the work overload and added complexity to the work of the controllers. But this investigation, despite communicating with the ship’s operations, the airline’s management and Moran’s clumsiness, follows a different path.

Also in the background of the deal with the airlines is that the ACIM, as it is, is about to explode. Terminal 2 has more than 10 meters below and even more serious, the main building has fractured beams that make it a hazard, and the boarding fingers do not have a sufficient foundation for their operation. The terminal built during Vicente Fox’s government was temporary, with a life of no more than five years, a time in which he anticipated that a new airport would be built. It takes an additional life of five decades.

The airlines are speculating what is to come, and are not at all naive, they expect to complete the transfer of operations by September 15, a few weeks before the closure of Terminal 2, according to government plans, including its Involves the cancellation of the runway. the cab. This would increase the pressure on Terminal 1, which is bowing under pressure from Cerro del Penón, which is actually a volcano, converted into a pilgrimage daily, but which would become a catastrophic overcrowding.

The transfer of operations to “Felipe Angeles” did not solve the problems, but the airlines avoided being mentioned as co-responsible in case of a tragedy. Your damage control shouldn’t prevent officers from exerting self-regulation and gaining control, taking away authority to do what they want. Movement would be difficult due to the lack of land connectivity, although the military had promised the president that the first route between ACIM and Santa Lucia would be ready in October. Problems will remain, but at least we will start moving in the right direction until they are resolved.

The worst is yet to come

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