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The three fundamental axes formed the Gusev development plan

Gusave, Sinaloa.- In the presentation Urban Development Plan 2022-2024The Mayor of Guasave, Martín Ahumada Quintero, expressed that the document is…

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Gusave, Sinaloa.- In the presentation Urban Development Plan 2022-2024The Mayor of Guasave, Martín Ahumada Quintero, expressed that the document is the result of a dialogue between society and the government, for which he called upon all Guasave residents to “work closely with this plan to meet the economic, political, cultural aims and objectives of Invited to. and social “of the municipality.


The municipal president insisted that the plan was based on the core principles of the Fourth Transformation, which he added not to emulate and aligned with the governor’s state plan. Ruben Rocha Moya and the federal one, from the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador; In addition, with 17 United Nations Development Goals and Strategic Development of Conacyt.

“Copladem promoted the formation of 18 strategic councils composed of experts on each subject, held virtual consultations, forums, work tables, focus groups, and provided a digital platform that allowed ‘men and women to submit their proposals’. Gave permission.”

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The town development plan is basically divided into The three strategic axes: social welfare for the population; local economic development; Government, democracy, security, financial health and transparency.

“These axes will guide the work in which Guasavane’s aspirations for the period 2022-2024 are presented in it.”

Ahumada Quintero explained that the first line of work addressed demands and proposals for social welfare, the right to education, health for a better life, sustainable environments in urban and rural areas, culture and arts for peace, gender equality, empowerment and rights. Will do Others including women and girls.

He indicated that the second axis takes proposals to promote agriculture, the primary activity of the municipality; Livestock, fishing, sustainable aquaculture, trade industries, rural tourism, infrastructure and public services, innovation and development.

The third axis considers the goal of municipal government with ethics and efficiency; Democracy and the rule of law; effective institutions with peace and public security; Public finance, transparency, municipal anti-corruption system and citizen mailbox.

As strategic tasks, the left bank of the boardwalk stands out, as well as the continuation of the piping of San Jochin, the rehabilitation and equipping of medical clinics and the simultaneous completion of the construction of the new IMSS hospital ISSSTE.


After the presentation of the plan, representatives of various sectors agreed that the speed and accuracy with which it was carried out was very positive, apart from being satisfied with the proposals contained therein.

“The projects they bring, we saw that they are good for the municipality and the truth is that we are happy with it; As a citizen and as a region, we will remain vigilant.”

In the same sense, Jose Luis Orozco, former president of Canacintra Guayasave, pointed out that the development plan is ambitious, but realistic and feasible, and added that he will seek participants and not be cautious in ensuring that it is completed.

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For his part, Canaco President Ariel Lugo0 thanked that he was taken into account by the plan and also that the format of the presentation was so concise and concise, moreover the technology was incorporated by sharing it via QR .

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The three fundamental axes formed the Gusev development plan

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