Sunday, October 2, 2022
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The temperature is warm in Santa Rosa

Acting representative of Municipal Farmers Committee No. 5, Gloria Valdez, was challenged in the race to preside over the Santa…

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Acting representative of Municipal Farmers Committee No. 5, Gloria Valdez, was challenged in the race to preside over the Santa Rosa Irrigation Module. They say they have the upper hand, but the fact that Mariana Bacca and Hector Patricio Felix have registered adds flavor to the broth. Since Saturday, there has been an uproar when the record was found in that irrigation module. And also the nerves of the followers of the leader jumped and they called it. There is no shortage of people who say registering Baka or Felix will benefit them because the delegates vote will be divided. Whatever the case, Santiago already rhymes for the position that will be played on May 29. An election is scheduled for that day in which Juan Carlos Rosas will be replaced.

There is a general outcry in the municipality about the increase in the prices of flowers, as the officials of Profeco have not listed the price of this product in the context of Mother’s Day. That list seems to be from the past. They say the director of Inspection and Regulation at Ahom, Enrique López Miranda, sought an approach for that purpose, but ran into a wall. What they say is that they sought the strategy that flowers would be offered so that the price would drop. For this reason, he gave 83 permits to the vendors. However, the unit’s inspectors are going to conduct an operation to ensure that there is no sale of flowers by unauthorized people on public roads, in deities.

The Director of University Welfare, Sofia Angulo de Maduena, was highly respected by the elite of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa in the north of Sinaloa. and ai’ if they don’t fit then do it. Angulo de Maduena was at the Ciudad Universitaria yesterday where he launched a comprehensive health day in the region. A module was established to prevent and detect diseases like cancer and other deadly diseases. It is in the Faculty of Nursing, where they will provide Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, etc. It will start from tomorrow and end on June 3. It is said that the vice-rector of the U.S. in the region, Toribio Ordóez Lagarde, noticed Angulo de Maduena, and is expected to return with more support for the civilians.

It is already known among the people of Fortense that Mayor Guildardo Leyva’s chief governing body is nothing less than Councilor José María Flores. And that’s because it has gone from tingo to tango in political parties, not because negotiations with those in the opposition are complicated. In addition, it is more difficult to control between Panchayati Raj institutions and more nasties than others. The people of former mayor Miguel Cesena Ruelas wouldn’t have passed it as it was opened to him in the last election, but if it didn’t, “Chema” Flores wouldn’t be where he belongs. But it is not Alderman’s strong point, which has turned to excesses, but his relationship, especially with the PRI. In this government, the proximity of “Chema” and the director of the experimental normal school of El Fuerte, Maribel Vega Quintero, are stronger than ever.