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The supreme interest of the welfare of our children and youth

I’ll start by saying that despite the controversies that have arisen around simulation and marketing that have surrounded the philanthropic…

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I’ll start by saying that despite the controversies that have arisen around simulation and marketing that have surrounded the philanthropic television montage taking place in Mexico for years, there is no one who can deny (or deny) the benefits it brings . Construction of a new Telethon Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRIT) in Sinaloa. There are many minors in this area whose parents make supernatural efforts to improve them, so they constantly have to go to the nearest CRIT in Jalisco or Sonora. With this new centre, the care provided by institutions as great and efficient as DIF and the Autism Center will be enhanced, which may have more room for maneuver to follow the little ones who need some sort of specialized care. is required.

The other news that comes to us from the federal government is the imminent vaccination against COVID in children 2 years of age and older, as this segment of the population is the only one left to be vaccinated.
With these decisions, our organization received two great news yesterday that will contribute to improving the health of our children and young people, because ultimately it is the age group that hurts the most when we see them suffer. However, there is one issue that is still a pending task and unfortunately has already become a kind of epidemic, which is increasingly affecting this part of the population, and now with the sedentary lifestyle that is confinement. Brought up with, we continue to maintain a not so respectable number one position worldwide in terms of childhood obesity and overweight.

Looking at this phenomenon and reviewing the recent State Development Plan (PED) 2022-2027 presented by the Governor of our state, Dr. Ruben Rocha Moya, we find that although it is a realistic document that is clear, well Focused, humanistic and above all achievable. Optional elements of a legal nature are also needed to help comply with what is anticipated. In this sense, the problem of obesity and overweight in minors urgently requires regulations that establish a directed and comprehensive public policy, in order to be able to address what already represents a serious public health problem. Is.

In Axis 1 of PED, specifically in the health sector, we find, as a priority objective 3.1, “to reduce the prevalence of cardiometabolic diseases (diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, obesity and ischemic heart disease) in a population of 20 years and more”, through care actions (detection and treatment), as well as promotion (nutrition education and guidance). The elaboration with the strategy and its line of action is that it focuses on people who at that age (20 years) already fall into very advanced stages of comorbidities associated with obesity and overweight, hence its action It would be prudent to broaden the range (from PED to the same), towards that child and youth group that, from such a young age, is already suffering from this problem and its consequences such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

We must remember that from October 2020, new food labeling began to work in our country to explain the high levels of sugar, calories, sodium, saturated and trans fats in them. More than a year and a half after this regulation, the truth is that Mexicans, primarily our minors, have contributed little or nothing to reducing the percentage of overweight, where the SSA itself is one in four. Warns of the prevalence of obesity and overweight. child and one in three teenagers.

Given this scenario, it would be prudent to dust off an initiative presented by former deputy Carla Monteiro, who had been frozen since the last legislature. It is proposed to issue a law to address and prevent this problem. There are other initiatives in the said freezer that want to contribute, but this is somewhat limited, as Oaxaca and Tabasco did to reform state law on the rights of children and adolescents, but they lack widespread The Action Framework that coordinates between the various agencies involved, in this way a real state crusade can be invoked to tackle our second epidemic, overweight and obesity.

Prayer for a friend – In addition to the inevitable demand that justice be done and the whereabouts of the person killed, I want to take advantage of that space by Luis Enrique Ramírez, friend, human writer and outstanding columnist for this publishing house.

To celebrate all. – Of all the festivals included in the calendar, and apart from those that point to a divinity, I think today is the day we should celebrate the most, because no one Also not eligible as such. Tribute than the one who ties us into the strongest bond as human beings. Those of us who don’t have it physically have to remember it forever and hug those who have that fate very tightly.

happy Mother’s Day!