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The powerful phrase with which Flor Pea defined the future of LPM – People Online

people was present in Martin Fierro 2022, and with hard work he covered the event which had over five hours…

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people was present in Martin Fierro 2022, and with hard work he covered the event which had over five hours of television. In this sense, a few hours before the start of the exciting party on Argentine television, our special envoy, Sophia OliverHilton was visiting the hotel while previewing the awards and visiting the figures to see how they were preparing for the mega party.

in that framework, Florence Pea Gave an exclusive interview in which he talks about the return of the famous awards, which he was nominated for for his role as host for the first time. “We’re nominated on four short lists, so I guess we’re taking something with us”, He expressed happiness.

At the same time, recently after the premiere of his program ‘LA’, when asked how was the week [email protected] ‘Ama’, winner of three Martin Fierro for her work as an actress, explained: “It was an intense week”He replied amidst laughter.

And I add: “I am happy. Apart from the violence received, many people were also banking. The program is growing, ratings are following us. Nothing, I am happy. I defend a lot when I believe in something,

He compared it to ‘marriage with children’.

In turn, Pea compared his recent project with the famous comedy program ‘Married with Children’: “It happened to me with ‘Married with Children’ that the first year they hated us, they didn’t understand us, they criticized us. that they misbehaved with us and look now,” he remarked.

“It is one of the most important comedies produced by Argentina in recent years”He added, and commented: “I stop to make humor, something different, I hold on to being a driver who doesn’t fit average, I’m not humming.”

“I’m going to put this stop to death and the people are with us”, sentenced the actress. Moreover, in the midst of laughter he agreed when people He mentioned that he was capable and named his program for the next Martin Fierro: “Sure”.

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