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The Nikkei fell 2.53% on fears of the Fed’s monetary policies

main index of Tokyo Stock ExchangeThe Nikkei fell 2.53% in the session on Monday, mainly due to investor fears of…

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main index of Tokyo Stock ExchangeThe Nikkei fell 2.53% in the session on Monday, mainly due to investor fears of a further tightening of monetary policy by the United States Federal Reserve (Fed).

NikkiWhich brings together the 225 most representative titles on the market, fell 684.22 points to total 26,319.34.

high capitalization

widest selection TopicsThat includes firms with the largest capitalization, which are in the core segment, losing 1.96% or 37.52 points to reach 1,878.39 units.

Business in Tokyo opened open discouraged by last week’s closing losses wall StreetWhere the benchmark Dow Jones Industrials registered its worst day since 2020 after the US central bank uncomfortably digested a rate hike.

The country’s highest growth in more than two decades as attempts to curb runaway inflation have raised concerns about the potential hard Even more so than the unit’s monetary policy, which has already indicated on several occasions that it does not rule out further adjustments.

Nikki This comfort came with a 2.2% reduction and an extended deficit during the second tranche, when Japan announced that it would in principle stop its imports of Russian crude, raising concerns about a potential further rise in energy prices. Increasing.

area of Hiro And steel suffered the biggest losses today, along with air freight and non-ferrous metals.


shipping company nippon yusen (NYK Line) had the highest trading volume for the day and was down 0.91%.

Only three of the ten most-traded companies reported profits during the day, of which the shipping company was also out. kawasaki kisano (K Line), up 7.82%.

Iron JFE Holdings Nippon Steel Mill fell 5.1% after plunging more than 10%.

telecom group softbank It fell 3.5% and Uniqlo clothing store chain owner Textile Fast Retailing fell 6.26%.

automotive manufacturer Toyota It depreciated by 1.36% and technology multinational Sony, over 2.43%.

in the main section, 1,598 companies 211 posted losses against 211 who posted gains, while 28 closed unchanged.

volume of Conversation amounted to 2.95 trillion yen (about 21,460 million euros).