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The matter of harassment in the Ahom police reached the OIC of the city council

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Dignora Valdez LopezThe third agent of Ahom’s Secretary of Public Safety and Civil Protection delivered a package…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Dignora Valdez LopezThe third agent of Ahom’s Secretary of Public Safety and Civil Protection delivered a package of documentation this morning internal control body of city council where are integrated sexual harassment allegations in dependency.

After waiting several minutes for the agent, this body’s municipal office of administrative offenses opened its doors shortly before 8:30 a.m. and entered with the document, which, he said, was separate from five complaints of sexual harassment. report of facts of police Women linked to the same dependency so as to give the corresponding subsequence.

It should be noted that the journalists at the debate went on to provide coverage and take away journalistic evidence of the distribution of the documentation, but agency staff denied them access without valid reasoning, even though it is a building that houses a public There is office.

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The distribution of these documents occurs after the Commission of Honor and Justice has resolved the irresponsibility of the agents pointed to sexual harassment. Secretariat of Public Safety and Civil Protection of the Municipality of Ahom,

“It is sad to see how victims are always given the burden of proof, with little to no point of view, but I bring in minutes of interviews from various colleagues where they describe the events and for which we started. process from January this year,” Valdez López said in an interview as he left the municipal office.

In an interview for the debate, Dignora Valdez López admitted that the document, which was given to the Administrative Offenses Office of the internal control body, was not possible to deliver to the Honor and Justice Commission, as they never received the document that they did not request. and all evidence or documents presented in this process were immediately rejected.

Dignora Valdez López, third agent of Ahom’s Secretary of Public Security and Civil Protection. Photo: Discussion

He regretted that the head of the security unit, Julio Cesare Romanillo Montoya, mentioned in interviews that he had contacted the policemen and that no one had told him about the acts of harassment, but said that the approach was to attack the women. was not with.

Dignora Valdez López clarified that the security secretary has never reconciled with her on her handling of the issue, which began with allegations by seven policemen, but now has only five after two of them withdrew. .

When asked about the approach with Ahom City Council officials, Valdez López admitted that he had received attention from two councilors on gender equality where the sexual assault case was presented to him, “Honestly, he didn’t sympathize.” See, there was no statement or anything, it’s sad that they didn’t have any issues regarding this, I left my number and they said they were going to talk to me but they never spoke to me Of.”

He said he also had contact with Ahom City Council Attorney General Cecilia Hernandez Flores, with whom he is scheduled to meet tomorrow, May 12.

Dignora Valdez López testified before the internal control body’s Office of Administrative Offenses. Photo: Discussion

He also recalled that for months he had sent a letter addressed to the municipal president of Ahom, Gerardo Vargas Landeros, requesting that he redirect the case due to discrepancies being made in the Honor and Justice Commission, but he was never given Document not found response.

“The days are passing and there are months in which there is no written response to the document that we gave to the mayor.”

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Finally, he said that with this follow-up before the internal control body, he expected justice.

“We expect justice, we don’t want sexual harassment and workplace harassment cases to be repeated within the corporation, we want justice to exist so that no woman goes through a situation again, that no woman Don’t be a victim again and she is being accused in such a way and given full burden of proof, that she is sad how she shelters her assailants in different cases”.

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The matter of harassment in the Ahom police reached the OIC of the city council

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