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The magical cities of Veracruz will go on vacation in 2022

Veracruz.- This 2022 summer vacation is approaching, so in this note we will tell you what you can do this…

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Veracruz.- This 2022 summer vacation is approaching, so in this note we will tell you what you can do this year Magical Cities of the State of Veracruz In this holiday season.

Summer is one of the most commonly used times by Mexicans to go on vacation, so in July and August it is common to see families enjoying the various tourist destinations in Mexico.

To date, the state of Veracruz is a total 6 magic town certificate: Orizaba, Coscomatepec, Xico, Coatepec, Papantla and ZozocolcoWhatever decision you make, we guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience.

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This magical city is guarded by the grand and snowy pico d’orizaba, which is located in the central region of the state. Apart from this, its other famous features are the crystalline water flowing through its river, which adorns the entire city.

If you decide to visit Orizaba, it is recommended that you taste the distinctive chilitoleOr you can also try Molottes, Picadas, Pembazos from Veracruz, Milk Tripe and Chayote Cakes.


This magical city of Veracruz differs from its provincial charm for its beautiful colonial houses, trees that bear fruit throughout the year, its green mountains and their coffee plantations, This Mexican destination has the following attractions that you can visit this summer 2022:

  • Llanito’s Chapel
  • Corn Leaf House Museum
  • La Monza and Texolo Waterfalls
  • Trout Farm
  • Xico. mole from
  • Costume Museum
  • Museo Totomoxtal
  • Independence Park
  • portal square
  • Pigeon’s Courtyard
  • Parish of Santa Maria Magdalena
  • paxtlan bridge
  • blackberry wine
  • pushed off

Hidalgo’s Zozocolco

Known as the Jewel of Totoncapán, the magical city of Xzocálco de Hidalgo stands out from most with its vivid colors. clear waters of posas del diablo, In addition, from Mirador del Curato, you will be able to discover the view of the Xzocálco, the mystery in the Sierra Totoncapán that intertwines between its waters and the sky-

coscomatepec de bravo

Like Orizaba, the magical city of Coscomettepec de Bravo lies in the guise of the grand Pico de Orizaba. The ideal thing to do to visit this tourist destination this summer 2022 is to taste its variety of moles or, well white barbecue,


Nationally recognized by celebrities “Papantala Flyers”The magical town of Papantala is one of those tourist places where you can enjoy the views of mother nature.

Following are the attractions that may catch your attention:

  • Church of Our Lady of the Ascension
  • flying monument
  • Chapel of Christ the King
  • dance of the fliers

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Situated at the foot of the Cofre de Perote, Coatepec’s Veracruz Magical Town is characterized by characteristics optimal for coffee production, so that the aroma permeates its sites.

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