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There are some people who lie even when they tell the truth. Floreston. From his visit to Havana, President López…

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There are some people who lie even when they tell the truth. Floreston.

From his visit to Havana, President López Obrador brought three news stories: that he would not attend next month’s summit of the Americas in Los Angeles if the dictators of that island, Nicaragua and Venezuela, are not invited, recruiting the government of 500. Miguel Diaz-Canel of Cuban doctors and Abdala’s purchase of his vaccine for Mexican children, when it has not completed its third phase.

Dr. Fernando Gabilondo Navarro, director of the National Institute of Nutrition from 2002 to 2012, refuted the last two points. He said it was wrong. There are 52 thousand unemployed doctors and the government does not give them jobs. So what they’re saying is a lie, but they also bring in people from other places that we don’t even know whether they are or not. They’re untrained people, paramedics who don’t have the slightest idea, and that’s what they’re going to send us. The doctors we don’t know about because they don’t meet the certification requirements is an insult to our profession.

And he added: And the second (lie) that he said is about a vaccine that doesn’t even have a third phase and they’re going to give it to our kids. This is really a crime.

It is a panorama presented by Dr Gabilondo Navarro, a medical eminent, that exposes the authoritative lies that each undermine a reality that expands and imposes itself.


1. Protector.- President López Obrador yesterday crossed a border into a country that has seen more than 120,000 intentional killings during his government. It was then that he said that just as he protects the military, navy and the National Guard, he protects members of organized crime gangs because they are human beings. You, President, are not here to protect these criminals, you are here to enforce the law. What you have to protect is a society that is surrounded by violence that you cannot protect.

2. Report.- The Norwegian firm DNV’s report on the May 3, 2021 collapse of Line 12 clarifies that it was caused by its design, construction, supervision and maintenance, which Marcelo Ebrard and others do not like. Claudia Sheinbaum. The President has not ruled on the outcome of the expert opinion. Meanwhile, the priority for them is succession, not potential responsibility; You

3. Lies.- The morning was called about reports of air incidents due to the redesign of the airspace of the Valley of Mexico. But the incident between two Volaris planes on runway 5-I of Benito Juarez on Saturday, nor on Wednesday’s 5-D, between one Aeromexico and the other United, did not lie. This is a problem which this government has created and remains unsolved.
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