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The “Great Sacrifice” Comes to Spain Led by Young People

great resignation It is a word that is being heard more and more in recent times. After the hardest months…

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great resignation It is a word that is being heard more and more in recent times. After the hardest months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept was seen as something foreign, typical of the labor nature of the United States, and the concept of foreign work for European and especially Spanish ideology. went. However, the phenomenon seems to be taking root in Spain. This is what management talent management expert Antonio Nez and IESE professor Jose Ramón Pin Arboledas say in their study The Great Sacrifice: The Key to Attracting, Retaining, and Winning the Battle of Talent, Its findings are based on a survey sent to more than 2,400 senior managers, of whom 63% are CEOs, 26% corporate directors of people, and 11% senior managers with responsibilities on the management committee.

From the second half of 2020 onwards, information began to emerge about this job loss event, which, although it began before the pandemic, intensified with it. pursuit of personal goalsthe need to Connect more with loved onesThe fatigue (known by the word burn out), Were disregard for company values Hailstone the pursuit of a purpose in line with personal ideals has been cited as the reason for this wave of resignations. «The event had a special color that those who had resigned were not necessarily moved by a steady job change, but On several occasions he left the job with no choice», explains the author.

Another important thing is that great resignation Affects all social classes and all employment levels, The news of top officials leaving their jobs has come to the fore. Marketliterally, more time with your family, but also on employees with less qualified jobs (and less accumulated capital) who leave their jobs “without a network” due to personal reasons or dissatisfaction. «Phenomena appears more frequently the new generation ,millennium – born between 1981 and 1993- and Generation Z – born between 1994 and 2010-), both because of their concern for gaining new experiences, and because they still do not have complex family responsibilities».

In the authors’ opinion, it is a phenomenon in which three causes coincide: first, the awareness that present life is not eternal and is to be enjoyed (a perception awakened by the consequences of the pandemic); Secondly, new generations with different interests from previous generations in relation to the arrival in the world of work Balance between professional, family and personal life, And, finally, the rise in unemployment benefits during the pandemic (ERTE), which may have sparked the attachment to autonomy that is typical of the situation.

Although this incident Has not affected Spain as intensely, management starts worrying between the layers. They see high turnover as a barrier to retaining talent and attracting new candidates.

In Spain, the motivations are clearly more classic: the pursuit of better working conditions, improved reconciliation or family dynamics. However, some cases of leaving a job without clear reasons or concrete alternatives have been detected.

In the opinion of the authors, great resignation This is yet another process of the post-pandemic world and a symptom of how the world has changed some paradigms in all its spheres in a very short span of time. To deal with this, he estimates, companies must thoroughly identify the causes, understand what’s behind the apparent demotivation of workers, and create plans to prevent their employees from quitting: Like cheese, this phenomenon will continue to evolve, bound by uncertainty.

The “Great Sacrifice” Comes to Spain Led by Young People

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