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The government makes its proposal for classes and quotas for self-employment

Government meets self-employed organizations and social agents to continue talks new quote system For real income for the self-employed group,…

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Government meets self-employed organizations and social agents to continue talks new quote system For real income for the self-employed group, keeping the proposal unchanged for 13 classes and contributions made at the end of May, and in which it proposes a quota of between 250 and 550 euros per month for the period 2023-2025. Is.

This is explained by the people responsible for self-employment organizations UPTA and ATA, edward abado You love lorenzo, whose views differ greatly on the issue. While the UPTA sees the government’s proposal as “totally adoptable”, the ATA rejects it, so everything indicates that the matter will not be unanimously agreed upon in the social dialogue.

more effort

Uatae, for its part, has asked security minister Social which makes more effort to reduce the fees of the lower-income classes so that “it is not the ones who finance the system.” Utai sources told Europa Press, “In the lower segment, someone who earns 400 euros a month pays more than 60% of the fee, while the effort in the upper class does not reach 15% of their income. “

proposal submitted by government At the end of May, it proposes that in the first six sections, the self-employed pay between 250 and 294 euros of monthly fees for Social Security, corresponding to a net return of between 670 and 1,700 euros per month, which would mean The deduction of between 52 and 65 euros, compared to what they now pay on a monthly average, according to UPTA calculations.

Conversely, in the remaining seven sections, which go from 1,701 to 4,050 Euro per month Of net income, the self-employed must pay fees between 400 and 550 euros per month for Social Security, which means 35 to 107 euros per month more than the current average.

After the meeting held on Monday, UPTA President Dr. edward abadoThe U.S. has emphasized that, in addition to sharing with the government, the need for this new system to be introduced in 2023, it sees the executive’s proposal as “totally economical”.

“The classes that the government has proposed are completely economical and will reduce their tax effort among the 2.4 million self-employed” 400 and 1,050 euros One more year and this will hardly mean an increase in contributions for high-income earners, as the average contribution they make now represents a difference of barely 20%”, Abad defended.

So things, in UPTA They want this new quotation system to end next week with the maximum possible unanimity to be approved as soon as possible. “We demand that the government take a bold decision next week and set aside the implementation of this system forever,” Abad said.

The classes the government has proposed are completely affordable and will reduce their tax effort to 2.4 million self-employedUPTA President Eduardo Abad

Thus, the chairman of the UPTA has urged the executive to propose a “certain or almost certain” text next week that can be moved to Parliament. Congress for your approval.

In contrast, the President of the ATA, love lorenzohas described as “unacceptable, with this country falling and falling”, the table of contributions that the government proposes that self-employed pay for during the next three years.

«Increasing the contribution to between 33% and 90% for the nearly one million self-employed is something we cannot accept. (…) Either the government brings its listing proposal closer to that of the business organisations, CEOEs, once proposed. sepyame You ATAOr unfortunately we can’t be in any sort of agreement,” warns Amor, who has insisted that his organization will not support that a million self-employed are “going to be hacked.”

Increasing the contribution between 33% and 90% to practically a million self-employed is something we cannot acceptLorenzo Amor, ATA. President of

ATA, CEOE and Cepyme have proposed that the minimum fee to be paid by the self-employed every month in 2023, 2024 and 2025 is EUR 205, if their net income is equal to or less than EUR 700 per month, with the lowest income group 12 what they propose. In top section (net income of more than 3,620 euros per month), the minimum fee will be 329.7 euros in 2023, 365 in 2024 and 400.4 in 2025. Employers suggest that self-employed with SMI above and income of up to EUR 1,500 do not see their share increase over the next three years.

In his opinion of Amor, the government’s proposal is “too far” from the self-employment estimate at the moment. “It’s not just growth mention, We are paying much more expensive diesel, more expensive power, cost of production and raw materials through the roof. The problem is that the cow doesn’t give much milk,” Amor said.

autonomous parent

The UPTA president has also revealed that there is a “consensus” agreement between the two. government and negotiating table participants to equate the benefits and contributions of those self-employed parents to those of employed workers with children with serious or very serious illnesses.

“There has been talk of the scope of the benefits of improving self-employment benefits, and in this we can say that there is more consensus and there may be meeting points,” ATA President Lorenzo confirmed. amoro,

The government makes its proposal for classes and quotas for self-employment

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