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The fewer the deputies, the more cobs

López Obrador continues with his attacks on democratic institutions, INE, as is customary, once again falling prey to directed attacks…

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López Obrador continues with his attacks on democratic institutions, INE, as is customary, once again falling prey to directed attacks from the National Palace.

Championed with a proposal for an electoral reform, he plans his next offensive; For months, he had told us about his plans to send a reform initiative to the Executive Branch aimed at changing the mechanism for appointing INE and TEPJF directors. Clearly, the new mechanism would be through direct vote of the citizens for the candidates. By the three powers of government, they would call another “Victory to Democracy”.

The initiative does not stop here, it also proposes to improve the number of federal deputies, which will be increased from 500 to 300, something that is accepted and appreciated by a large segment of the population, Those who see significant savings in this believe that the legislative process will be more dynamic and with it a more efficient Chamber. But, do we really need fewer MLAs? What is the estimated saving? Is it possible to have a chamber of 300 legislators that is representative of 130 million residents? In the first example, I’m not fighting the idea of ​​low imputation, however, I’d love it if each of the questions raised above could be answered; I believe the answer to the first question depends on the purpose sought, so that Morena and colleagues have a higher percentage of seats, yes, clearly it is useful for this; Second, it seems insignificant to me that the savings can be compared to the risk that it poses, moreover, what face does the President want to save when in these years as head of the executive he devoted himself. Kiya Bhatna – Maya train, AIFA, AICM cancelled?; The third question requires a more detailed analysis of how the candidates will be allotted and how the seats will be distributed.

Let’s look at an example, in the previous federal elections of 2021, the Va Por México coalition in Sinaloa reached a vote corresponding to 34.17%, however, it did not win any of the seven electoral districts and is currently elected by the principle of relative majority. Only one deputy from the opposition gone.

Let me reiterate the question, does the reform proposed by AMLO really want more representation of the opposition?

The proposed changes to the Chamber of Deputies may be “interesting”, but we must not forget that the proposed changes to the INE and TEPJF are counterproductive.

Let’s start with the name of the body that will replace the INE, the National Institute of Elections and Consultations, proving once again that the thought of new names is not entirely given to them – to return the stolen to the People and Welfare Secretariat. Institute, for God’s sake.

We continue with what is really unfortunate, the reduction in the budget received by the Institute, the dismissal of the current councilors and the reduction of seven instead of the current eleven, as well as their election through direct voting. Do I need to explain what are you looking for benefits for? López Obrador knows this is an initiative that has no future in the Chamber of Deputies, doesn’t have enough votes to pass it, and has little willingness to negotiate and negotiate with the opposition.

If the continuation of not changing a single comma in the project is repeated, we again expect to see a constitutional reform initiative, rejected by the executive, make history again. But Andres is anything but ignorant, the initiative seeks anything other than improvement, he already knows failure is but a tool that can be used on his day-to-day basis to divide, attack, and find “new enemies”. Contributes to the prudent model.

The fewer the deputies, the more cobs

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