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The Dali.Dreams exhibition opens tomorrow at the CIE in Los Mochiso

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – On this day an extraordinary exhibition of original sculpture and painting by the Spanish artist was…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – On this day an extraordinary exhibition of original sculpture and painting by the Spanish artist was announced Salvador Dalisign of surrealismwith the 14th anniversary Center for Innovation and Education (CIE) To everyone’s delight, of Los Mochis.

Rosa Irma Peuelas, Executive Director, Promoter of Culture and Arts IMCA IAP; Director of Soumya Museum. The Carlos Slim Foundation, Alfonso Miranda and Dania Escalona Ruiz, Director of Culture and Head of Research, announced the details of this great temporary exhibition, named branch. dreamsWhich will be inaugurated this Thursday, May 12 at 8:00 pm, consisting of 32 works first published by the Mexican Republic as well as an unpublished work by the surrealist master, which marks the 118th anniversary of this day. His birth

From Friday, May 13 through September, the public will be able to explore Dali’s various creative phases for free through this exhibition, ranging from references to literature with graphic issues to his portrayal of Don Quixote; Dante Alighieri’s comedy with lithographic prints, three-dimensional sculpture with iconic pieces such as Alice in Wonderland, Center of Women, Gala, with his wife and the first inspiration for Dalí in which he captured Surrealism in a different way and a Merged in Woman On. fire; the nucleus of time whose molten clocks work and how he is inspired to create the concept of time which he metaphorically creates from a cheese that melts in the sun; Dali was branded after World War II, and sold to the highest bidder, his foray into fashion, cinema, to close the exhibition with the center of the subliminal, a stage in which the entire surrealist work of Sigismund Takes the basis of Freud.

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Executive Director, Irma Penuelas, thanked the Soumya Museum. Carlos Slim Foundation to be able to join forces with other cultural institutions to once again put their faith in the institution and continue the work of offering more works of this level.

The Director of Soumya, Mr. Alfonso Miranda, gave a general description of the composition of the work of Dali Suenos, which is made up of 32 works where visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate some of Dali’s most impressive sculptures and paintings and thus the art, culture. A great influence to continue to promote, especially in the new generations, but also in all those who wish to appreciate the different creative phases of the artist Salvador Dalí, especially today turning 118, a And that makes for a reason to celebrate that work can happen in this city.

Soumya Dania, Director of Culture and Head of Research at Escalona, ​​said that the audience would be able to enjoy Dali’s four creative phases, namely: Literature, where the artist created graphic illustrations highlighting Don Quixote, The Divine Comedy and Hair; Sculpture, Illuminating Alice in Wonderland; Las Mujeres, in which he refers to the artist’s own conception of the female body, presents the sculpture Woman in Flames and the stage of El Tiempo, where he emphasizes the concept of time through his creation, The Melted Clocks. .

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To conclude, teacher Rosa Irma Peuelas remarks that the Soumya staff is training a group of youth from various higher education institutions as volunteers who guide the assistants who go to work during these four months. , also he said that there is a program of guided tours for schools so that children, adolescents and youth have access to it, emphasizing that interested institutions can contact Janeth Nunez on 668 8 16 71 21 Huh.

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Mirella López, cultural reporter for EL Debate in Los Mochis. He studied communication science today at UADO Los Mochis, Universidad de Occident. He began journalism in 1988 at the newspaper Noroste, he also worked in the newspaper El Sol de los Mochis in the 1990s, being the founder of the Department of Popular Culture in San Miguel Zapotitlán, Ahom. He received the “Carlos Salazar Chávez” recognition of journalism merit in culture in 2013 by Los Mochis correspondent SCM Mexican Culture Symposium, 2014 Radio University of the West accreditation for his outstanding professional career. He is the co-author of the Atlas Yorem of the Municipality of Ahom, Monographs of Ceremonial Centers, edited in 2013 and the book Ahom: Root and Identity History, Development and Cultural Heritage, edited by IMAC in 2018. And since 2005 she works in this publishing house.

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The Dali.Dreams exhibition opens tomorrow at the CIE in Los Mochiso

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