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The Czech Republic Is Growing Faster Than Sanchez’s Falcon

The purpose I’m considering is to analyze all the countries in the EU, the euro area and Europe in comparison…

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The purpose I’m considering is to analyze all the countries in the EU, the euro area and Europe in comparison to Spain, in order to be able to analyze what has happened in this century, in the last decade Can you Compare also Sanchez’s 4-year management with respect to other countries.

Today we are moving forward with a country that is on a very important economic journey, and this has to be watched carefully. I’m referring to the Czech Republic, which is better known for czech republic, This land-locked Central European country is surrounded by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.

Czechia is a nation with 78,871 square kilometers and 10.7 million inhabitants at the end of 2021. inflation In 2021 it was 6.6%, the same as the Spanish rate, and in April 2022 it is completely out of control and has reached 14.2%. public debt It is one of the lowest in Europe, accounting for only 41.9% of GDP, with a public deficit of 5.9% in 2021, although it had a surplus in the years 2016 to 2019, both inclusive. their public spendingAlthough it has reached 46.4% in 2021, it was 40% in 2018 and 2019.

As with all these macroeconomic data, except for inflation, on which they will have to work very hard, the rest of the data is from the university textbook.

In the year 2000, the Czech Republic was 10% of the Spanish economy with 67,033 million euros. In the first decade of the century, the Czech economy was able to grow by 136% compared to the Spanish, growing by 66%, and this now allows it to represent 15% of the Spanish economy.

In 2012, compared to 2010, the Czech economy was able to grow 51%, overcoming the financial and COVID crises with flying colors. he grows In this period four times more than Spain, But if we compare it with the century so far, the economy of the Czech Republic has been multiplied by 3.5, or what is the same, it has become a falcon with a growth of 256%.

This increase makes the Czech Republic responsible for 20% of the Spanish economy in 2021.

If we analyze what has happened from the point of view of? rent per personWe see that in the year 2000 the purchasing power of checks was 41% of that of the Spanish.

A decade later, the per capita income of Czechs has increased by 130%, compared to 44% of Spanish, and this means that their purchasing power is already 65% ​​compared to ours.

Its RPC (income per capita) rises in absolute value by 8,500 euros, while that of Spanish increases by 6,000 euros.

In 2021 when we really realize that, if the Czechs follow their path of good management, in a few more years they may overtake the Spanish in terms of wealth. They are already at 88% of the Spanish.

In the second decade of the century, the Czech CPR increased by 49%, equivalent to an increase of 7,300 euros, while the Spanish increased by 10.3%, equivalent to 2,400 euros.

So far in this century, the PRC of Czech citizens has multiplied by 3.4, while ours has increased by 59%, today the difference is less than 3,100 euros.

The Czech Republic has taken a development path that is worth comparing with the rest of the countries analyzed to date. As we have done on other occasions, we are going to compare one of the most difficult decades in Europe, the last one, but to look ahead put 2020 and forget about that terrible year. global pandemic,

We see that the Czech Republic is just behind Poland with a growth of 51% and ahead of the rest of the big Europeans, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy.

We also see that the Czech Republic, which was still smaller than Portugal in 2010, has already overtaken it, and could overtake such a country if it continues to grow at current rates. Denmark, Very well managed.

If we calculate the average growth over this period, we see that the selected countries grow on average by 30%, while Spain only grows by 12%.

If we do this analysis for the PRC, we find the same result and position, except that Spain moves to the last of the countries analyzed.

Next we’re going to compare the results for Spain Pedro Sanchez is the manager of our country, and is thus able to judge its management in relation to the results of the managers of other countries over the same period. So, we will compare with the year 2017.

Although we already know that Pedro Sanchez does not understand the word management, if we also put it in black on white, this is when we can see that Sanchez puts us in the tail squad of this nucleus . Czechia, very rarely, . placed ahead of PolandYou United KingdomLed by the Conservatives, ranks third with the highest growth.

There is only one country worse than Spain in this period: Italy,

In short, the Czech Republic is a country to be seen in a sustainable manner, as the good management of its politicians can allow this country to reach a very serious level of development.

Spain too, because the decline our president is leading us in is as worrying as the Falcon he was traveling in was driven by a chimpanzee.

The Czech Republic Is Growing Faster Than Sanchez’s Falcon

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