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The criticism that Mariana Echeveria receives for her appearance

beautiful and charismatic mexican actress mariana echeveriawho is part of the “Useless Family” of the program “Me Cago de Risa”,…

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beautiful and charismatic mexican actress mariana echeveriawho is part of the “Useless Family” of the program “Me Cago de Risa”, commented during an interview for the program “Hoy”, that on several occasions Has been discriminated against for not conforming to stereotypes that even in these times, are still valid on Mexican television,

Similarly, Mexican football player scar Jiménez. wife of (Goalkeeper of Las Aguilas del Americas) mentioned that via social network Receives criticism for his body complexion, Since becoming a mother, she has struggled with her weight.

“It also makes me want to cry, because people outside the cameras are used to seeing us as if we were coming out of childbirth, and with all my respect, if we were to come out like Maribel Guardia, who Gorgeous, Angelique Boyer who has a great body and so I can name you 50,000 who work in this environment, I’m not like that”, Mariana Echeveria made it very clear, The Useless Mom From “I Fall Laughing”,

I don’t have that genetics or maybe I don’t have time to have surgery, or whatever, love my body.

The television presenter, 37, and originally from Mexico City, expressed regret that people make negative comments about other people’s physical appearance.

“We’ve already made a lot of progress in a lot of things, but I think how we people judge lives, bodies, the size of others, even the portfolio of others, I think we need to be more aware of these stereotypes. Must stop together.”

there, a few days ago Mariana Echeveria published a semi-nude photo on her Instagram account to convey a message about acceptance and self-love, The actress showed herself with the sole aim of fighting against the stereotypes of the society.

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still, This post was removed by Instagram., In this regard, he commented: “I uploaded a picture, well, with a pair of underwear and covered my private parts, but there was nothing obscene or anything in it. They took it to social networks Because I think someone reported it, I wanted to reach out to people with this message, it was about self-love, it doesn’t matter how you are, how you look, the joke is that’s how you feel”.

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