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‘The Chemist’ goes on a journey; complaints are worth it

If you know that protected the valley. The attitude of the mayor of Mazatlan shows that he enjoys the patronage…

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If you know that protected the valley. The attitude of the mayor of Mazatlan shows that he enjoys the patronage of the governor. And it seems untouchable. Luis Guillermo Benítez apparently slammed Rubén Rocha Moya, the mayor of Culiacán after the process to strip him of his privileges. And today, with that perceived security, “El Quimico” shows people who think and act differently from him, that they would do nothing for him. Yesterday, while the Citizen Observatory filed lawsuits before Sinaloa’s Superior Audit Office and the state Congress for “serious administrative defects,” Luis Guillermo Benítez traveled to California for not engaging in government affairs, working for promotion from Mazatlán. Very little to do… no! He went to the weigh-in for a boxing match where Mazatlán’s Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez will compete today in Ontario, California. A group of councilors had previously gone before ASE and Congress to request that an investigation be conducted into alleged irregularities committed while authorizing the purchase of luminaires with an investment of over 400 million pesos. This reprehensible purchase was made without bidding, in violation of the rules and agreements existing in the City Acquisition Committee. But he deserved the “chemist”. Also in the last council session, “El Quimico” was demanded by the aldermen to treat them all with respect. And even more so when it comes to female councillors, whom he accused of “being a master” who orders him what to do. And it also earned the “chemist”. To make matters worse, yesterday an attack was reported inside a bank. And “El Quimico” is, well, traveling and partying. The complaint filed by Mazatlan Civil Observatory is so well established that administrative offenses considered serious can have consequences for the mayor and those who have agreed to violate the rules and laws of the municipality.

It’s not without reason. When the mayor of Culiacán, Jess Estrada Ferreiro, predicts that there are four characters to be politically “eliminated” by the governor in the 2024 election. He is not completely defeated. And they say: they already started with Melasio Cuen. And they go for that too (Estrada Ferreiro). And who follows? Well, by that logic, the mayors of Mazatlán and Ahom, Luis Guillermo Benítez and Gerardo Vargas, respectively. Vargas will be able to ensure, as he did, that he is 100 percent with the governor. But it doesn’t guarantee anything. Rocha would line up before Moya to “El Quimico”. But even this does not guarantee anything. All four have well defined paths towards 2024. He hasn’t hidden it. And they also know that nobody is in the “mood” of the governor. He would let them pass, except for something very extraordinary. But it is seen in Chinese.

lack of commitment. To date, the federal government has not moved on from a promise to guarantee the safety of journalists in Mexico. International organizations and media from other countries have warned that unless the government acts with genuine commitment, attacks on communicators will not stop. This year 11 journalists have been murdered. Luis Enrique Ramirez is waiting for his killers to be punished. Ten days full discount.

‘The Chemist’ goes on a journey; complaints are worth it

2022-05-14 15:35:26