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The call is ready for the All-Star Game

Francisco Galaz in Mochicahui will host the Burola Stadium all-star game Clemente Grijalva Kota First Force Baseball League, in its…

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Francisco Galaz in Mochicahui will host the Burola Stadium all-star game Clemente Grijalva Kota First Force Baseball League, in its 64th edition which pays tribute to Javier Soto Escalante and Tomas Espinoza.

This Sunday from 11 am, the stars of this circuit will land in the diamond of the house. Enjoy the Sierra-Mochikahui To the delight of baseball fans. They will be selected from El Fuerte (comprising the teams from Jahuara, El Fuerte, San Blas, Constancia and Mochicahui) against United Ahom-Guasave (Cortins, Agrocherios, El Carrizo, Plan de San Luis and Higuera de Zaragoza).,

It will be played for nine innings and the fifth inning will be followed by the traditional field test, center and catcher shots, round the square and the sensational home run derby.

The first All-Star Game “A” selection held on this circuit took place on April 13, 1958. (Railroad La Cuchilla, Valle Verde and Topolobampo) before selection “B” (Section 12, Bandijal and El Tigre City Hall)A duel that ended tied for three runs.

Tickets will cost 50 paise for gentlemen, 40 for women and free admission for children under 12. In addition, some surprises for the mothers present and some attractions for the little ones will be prepared.

catchers.- Michele Ibarra (El Fuerte) and Kevin Mendeville (Constancia).
pitcher.- Edwin Wilson (Mochicahui), Jason Vega (Mochicahui), Ivan Mendeville (Mochicahui), Miguel Fortunado Ruiz (Jahuara), Luis Gerardo Haro (Jahuara), Pablo Valdez (San Blas), Juan Carlos Garcia (San Blas), Kevin Alenes (Constance) and Jesus Antonio Gaxiola (Constance).
INFIELDS.- Abraham Robles (Jahuara), Rodolfo Robles (Jahuara), Christian Armenta (San Blas), Gerardo Romero (San Blas), Jose Miguel Zavala (El Fuerte), Jesus Urbina (Constancia), Omar López (Constancia), Guillermo Guerrero (Mochikahui).
outfields.- Alberto Higuera (El Forte), Fabian Cota (El Forte), Antonio Chiquete (San Blas), Saul Valdez (Zahuara), Juan Valberto Gemez (Mochicahui) and Joaquín Guerrero (Mochicahui).
Manager.- Martin Vega (Mochikahui)
coach.- Jess Guzmán (Jahuara), Alan lvarez (El Fuerte), Marco Cuadras (San Blas) and Rosario Humberto García (Constancia).
batsman.- Arturo “Cachora” Quintero (Mochicahui) and Vidal “Cholo” Pérez (Jahuara).

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catchers.- Bernardo Chavez (Agro Che Rios) and Carlos Romario Cota (Higuera de Zaragoza).
pitcher.- Emanol Villegas (Portrait of Zaragoza), Carlos Cota (Portrait of Zaragoza), Donet Zamudio (Agro My River), Michel Mondaka (Agro My River), Juan Banuelos (Curtains), Alex López (Curtains), Marcos Baez (Plan ) St. Louis), lvaro Fierro (Plan of St. Louis), Jesus Alan Quintero (El Carrizo) and Jesus Quintero (El Carrizo).
INFIELDS.- Luis ngel Argüelles (Plan de San Luis), Paul Soto (Plan de San Luis), Jose de Jess Armenta (Higuera de Zaragoza), Wilbur Valencia (Higuera de Zaragoza), José Roman (Courtines), Christian Villegas (Cortines) ) ), Cesar del ngel (El Carrizo) and Fermin López (El Carrizo)
outfields.- Jorge Luis Gutierrez (Agro Che Rios), Ivan Araujo (Agro Che Rios), Mario Valenzuela (El Carrizo), Juan Carlos Perez (Cortins) and Gonzalo Romero (Plan de San Luis).
Manager.- Manuel Ruiz (Higuera de Zaragoza)
coach.- Roberto Carlos Méndez (Cortins), Juan Valentin Vega (El Carrizo), Luis Gaxiola (Plan de San Luis), Martín Osuna (Agro Che Rios). Luis “Shocker” Montiel (Higuera de Zaragoza).
BATBOY.- Carlos “Matthew” Osuna (Portrait of Zaragoza) and Jesus Manuel “Chumel” López (Agro My River).