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The ‘Bucks’ rely on the talents of their wide receivers

with the return of tom brady To Tampa Bay Buccaneers40 days after retiring, the franchise again aspires to be the…

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with the return of tom brady To Tampa Bay Buccaneers40 days after retiring, the franchise again aspires to be the highest in the NFL, winning super bowl,

Brady will have his main ally on the pitch, mike evans You Chris GodwinHowever, some elements have already been left unsolved such as the unsolved mystery of Antonio Brown, OJ Howard, and Rob GronkowskiThe tight end who has yet to reveal whether he will return to the gridiron.

Despite this, the wide receivers coach, Kevin Garner, assured that he is satisfied with the players he has, primarily Evans and Godwin, although who will be their respective backups is yet to be defined.

,In fact, the way I look at it and the same thing I say to the people in the room, on this team we have Mike and we have Chris, and those two guys have established themselves in their roles and they take offense. What do I bring? , On top of that, it’s open season”, said the coach.

in the elite

Mike Evans is one of the best receivers in the league, which should not be ignored, which he should have played, with over a thousand yards in each of the 8 seasons he played as a professional, all with the Bucs.

Furthermore, the 28-year-old holds his best record in 2021 with 1,035 yards, 74 receptions and L.14. Most touchdowns in his career withThis is the second best figure of the season, only 16. After cooper coup of the Los Angeles Rams.

Chris Godwin, on the other hand, recorded 1,103 receiving yards, leading the team the previous year, with 98 receptions, with 5 touchdowns, also leading the Bux.

,It really is a competition across the board. They all have different talents and abilities and bring something different to the table. But I’m looking forward to the competition because it’s moving hereGarver added.

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As an alternative, the recently integrated Russell Gage, who comes from over 700 yards and 4 touchdowns with the Atlanta Falcons in 2021, will compete for his spot, a similar position to Cyril Grayson, Scott Miller and Jalon Darden. , which he suffered injuries last season.

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The ‘Bucks’ rely on the talents of their wide receivers

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