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The Big Fear of Generation X: “The Thinking of Retiring with No Assets Makes Me Nervous”

Alberto started working at the age of 24 after completing his degree. In the beginning, he chained up indefinite contracts…

By admin , in news , at June 2, 2022

Alberto started working at the age of 24 after completing his degree. In the beginning, he chained up indefinite contracts at a large consulting firm, «I was traveling cities all day Company and factory accountsI worked ten or twelve hours a day,” he says. Now, twenty years later, it is CFO A small events company that has managed to carve a niche in the region. His biggest concern is the future.

Labor market volatility, fear of being unemployed and the eternal road ahead of you retirement, Lengthen the minutes it takes to fall asleep each night. “Thinking about it long term scares me, honestly, I don’t know if I’ll get a pension or if I’ve managed to pay for a house,” he says. no shortage of reasons, Most experts warn of the collapse of the pension system. “We cannot rule out bankruptcy of the pension system in the medium term,” Professor Juan Angel Lafuente and Professor Pedro Serrano said in a statement to El Debate a few weeks ago.

four out of ten employees They claim to be concerned about the prospect of working over the age of 67, according to the latest barometer published by Infojobs. A week ago, BBVA launched Alarm. People born between 1958 and 1977 will have to sell their home in retirement if they haven’t saved up.

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The ability to save in the future is rapidly diminishing. Professors, Pedro Serrano and Juan Angel Lafuente, published this year’How to pay pension using your own house‘ (Aula Magna, 2022), a manual that explains income options using the value of home ownership. The book gives five possibilities, from zero assets to advance payment of rent reverse mortgage,

“we live atmosphere of concern For stability of pension. More and more institutions and experts are pointing to the difficulties of the current system and this is reflected in an early concern in the active population”, says Monica Perez, Director of Communications and Studies info jobs,

A warning for those who have not yet launched into the real estate market. Alberto has been looking through the main real estate websites for months. without parental help It’s impossible to buy, at least in a city like Madrid. They had to work a lot to pay for my degree at that time,” he lamented. This is an eternal problem. Capital provides employment, but buying a home requires a strong financial effort. “We’ve started looking at nearby cities,” says Alberto, 44. It will not be easyHer partner also works in one of Madrid’s most central neighborhoods, and her children attend a private school near the apartment they rent in the Chamartine district.

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Still, he is aware that housing is of great shelter value in the face of what may come. The company he works for suffered during the pandemic, “we had to reinvent ourselves by organizing multimedia events, although the billings fell,” he admits. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the sector has not resumed flying before confinement, and the fear of unemployment remains. 30% of people surveyed by Infojobs share their fears. This likely repeats itself as the second biggest concern of workers has been asked about the employment platform. in the first quarter of the year 100,200 jobs have been destroyedWith regard to the last quarter of 2021, remember the barometer.

To this should be added the effects of inflation crisis in which Europe is established. Spain closed May with a CPI of 8.7%, according to data advanced by INE. A new increase in the indicator, which reflects the record prices of electricity, gas or fuel. The spiral encloses the food and other products in the shopping cart, which rises much higher than salary,

One point, the latter, is presented as the third major concern of workers. During the past weeks, unions and employers have been unable to reach an agreement on the reassessment of wages. Last May 5, interaction of social agents It failed to condone workers negotiating their rent with a document of recommendations.

The Big Fear of Generation X: “The Thinking of Retiring with No Assets Makes Me Nervous”

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