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Terrible “curse” of lottery winners

United Kingdom.- We all hope that our life will change unexpectedly and we will get rich by taking it lotterystill,…

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United Kingdom.- We all hope that our life will change unexpectedly and we will get rich by taking it lotterystill, money can change people in the United Kingdom.

Last night, a man won an incredible jackpot in the UK National Lottery with £184 million sterling (over 4 billion Mexican pesos) but Past Lottery Winners Wish They Never Became MillionairesAccording to Mirror Medium.

Camelot’s lottery winning advisor Andy Carter said: “Players are urged to check their tickets and give us a call if they think they are tonight’s lucky winners.”

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Millions of Britons have won huge sums of money in the lottery, and more than 6 thousand have become millionaires.

Many went to enjoy their fortune, Others wish they hadn’t bought a lottery ticketAs he regrets how he changed his life.

Michael spent all his money on alcohol and parties / Photo: PENSYLVANIA

Like in the case of Michael Carroll, who worked as a garbage man and thanks to a winning ticket, he took in 9.7 million pounds sterling in 2002 when he was 19 years old.

But in their fight against additionI take it to him, he wasted his money on booze, sex parties and expensive carsIt left bankrupt in 2013.

Currently Michael Carroll leads a quiet life and told The Sun that his dealer who offered him to crack has more money than his lottery, but “don’t worry about anything,

Callie Rogers becomes youngest lottery winner / Photo: Daily Mirror

Another case was that of Kelly Rogers, who, at the age of 16, won an incredible amount of £1.8 million sterling in 2003, Being the youngest lottery winner in history,

still, The girl lost her fortune on plastic surgery, cocaine, clothes and gave £500,000 to friends and family.

He later told outlet This Morning, that battled depression and attempted suicide, She is now 30 years old and says she is very happy with her life as a working mom and now has three children.

John was left indebted to his passion for cars / Photo: Mirror

In the year of 1997, John McGuinness won 10 million pounds sterling and used the money to give to his family, his ex-wife and dedicated himself to his passion for cars.

still, John, through his passion, ended the jobless and poverty and invested €4.6 million in club Livingston FC. Because John used his money as collateral against the club’s loans, he was responsible for the entire debt.

Another young woman was Jane Park who won the £1 million jackpot at the age of 17, but was put on trial because money ruined her life.

,I have material things, but other than that my life is empty What is the purpose of my life?” the young woman told the Sunday People.

“I thought it would make my life ten times better, but it made it ten times worse. I wouldn’t give up having money most days.”

The two split up / Photo: PENSYLVANIA

However, Colin and Christine Weir won the biggest lottery jackpot in history in 2011 with £161 million They separated in 2019After 38 years of marriage.

Mr Colin Weir passed away last December 2021 at the age of 71.

Another unusual phenomenon was the case of Mark Goodram and John Watson, who Data used from stolen debit card To buy a lottery scratch card that won £4 million.

The couple, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, were jailed, but they kept partying for four days before they received the award.

Camelot. suspected officer of they refused to pay When Gudram reveals that he does not have a bank account to make cash payments.

Both denied cheatingBut was later convicted and sentenced to 18 months at Bolton Crown Court in December.

A case of misconduct has come to the fore in a case of lottery-related fraud.

The rapist bricklayer conspired with Camelot insider Giles Nibbs, who had access to vital information on unclaimed stamps.

While on prison leave, claimed an unclaimed £2.5 million fine Which was bought in Worcestershire in March 2009.

In 2019, after Nibbs took his own life in 2015, he was jailed for nine years.

Another similar incident was that of Isworth Hoare, who won £7.2 million in the National Lottery in 2004, while in prison after pleading guilty to attempted rape.

A year before his release, he took a ticket to an Asda in Middlesbrough in 2004 during a weekend break from Lehill Open Prison.

He has spent 30 years in prison since 1973 on charges of one rape, three attempted rapes and two indecent assaults.

His victim successfully campaigned to change the law so that he could sue Hoare for damages.

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Terrible “curse” of lottery winners

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