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Tere Jimenez leads with over 50% preferences

Aguascalientes.- Less than a month before the elections in the state of Aguascalientes, the candidate of the PRI-PAN-PRD coalition, Teresa…

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Aguascalientes.- Less than a month before the elections in the state of Aguascalientes, the candidate of the PRI-PAN-PRD coalition, Teresa Jimnezuhave an advantage more than 10 percent marks About the standard office bearer of Morena Party, nora ruvalkaba,

According to a survey published by the newspaper remodelingLess than 4 weeks before the state elections were due, the former municipal president of Aguascalientes Left the candidate with 18 marks,

To the question: “If elections for the governor of Aguascalientes were held today, who would you vote for?”, 54% of Hidrocalidos people answered that the deputy has a license with a PAN, while 36% said they voted will do. For brunette.

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Meanwhile, the poll, published this Wednesday, May 11, puts the candidate of civil movement (MC), Anayli Munoz, with 6% civilian support, followed by standard-bearer PT-PVEMMartha Márquez, with 3%, and Natzili Rodriguez in the last run, with barely 1%.

Remarkably, compared to the results of a survey conducted by Reforma between March 29 and April 4, Teresa Jimenez found a lower percentage of preferences among state citizens, go from 58% to 54% In this latest post.

In contrast, this latest survey by the aforementioned Mexican media outlet revealed that Nora Ruvalcaba increased her support from 33% to 36%, although it should be noted that in the first measurement exercise she was referred to as Murray’s standard-bearer. was taken and strength for Mexico.

Meanwhile, 21% of those polled said they have no preference for state governorship candidates, while 66% believed the winning coalition would be the standard bearer in the June 5 election. “It’s going to Aguascalientes”In contrast to the 19% who believe that the state that will take ownership of the executive will be the Morenista.

Although Teresa Jiménez belongs to the same party as Aguascalientes, PAN . as the governor of Martin OrozcoA survey conducted by Reforma shows that 54% of participants think the former mayor represents a change for the federal entity.

A survey by Reforma to measure the preferences of voters of Aguascalientes in the wake of local elections this summer was conducted between May 3 and 8 in the homes of a thousand adults with voter credentials.

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This Reforma poll is added to two more polls in which Teresa Jimenez is also given a major advantage over Nora Ruvalkaba. Consult Mitofskydone from April 1 to 3, gives it 58.8% preferences, while berumen gives him 58.4% electoral support.

Tere Jimenez leads with over 50% preferences

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