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Tension in post office less than fifteen days after general strike

UGT’s federal secretary of the postal sector, Jose Sayagues, and Regino Martín, the person in charge of the CCOO in…

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UGT’s federal secretary of the postal sector, Jose Sayagues, and Regino Martín, the person in charge of the CCOO in Chorios, warned the president of Chorios three years ago that their strategy was not well focused. If he didn’t improve, the company was headed straight for catastrophe. In the opinion of UGT and CCOO, their omens are coming true. For this reason, what they consider to be a volatile situation and because of what they claim to detect among employees in a state of apparent mismanagement, they have called a strike generatedL for 1, 2 and 3 June.

Sayagues says that Serrano deliberately hastened the end of the letter, which was the core business of the chorios; It doesn’t know how to adapt the company to challenges based on common sense and dialogue, as similar companies in other countries have done, and has ventured to launch expensive business ideas that haven’t worked. . It is strange and reckless for unions to repeatedly display two hired cargo transport planes painted yellow with the post office logo to form a line to Hong Kong and Latin America without guaranteeing a regular flow of goods.

Feather end of letter Serrano is accused of deliberately confusing his gradual descent with the acceleration of his death. “Euthanasia is being practiced on him,” he maintains, following the application of measures without measuring the consequences, such as increasing rates, which Postal advertisements advised against and caused him to lose large customers. . The Madrid City Council is a perfect case.

UGT and CCOO say that variety The start-up has failed by Serrano: «None of the projects announced with great fanfare have been successful. They are not able to refute it with the data ».

Serrano’s version was that parcel This was going to replace the downstream business of letters, but the packages handled by Corios decreased by 40% compared to the previous year, which was already bad (paradoxically, other parcel companies grew). moreover office network Has ceased to be profitable: “Until now it was, but for the first time this four-month period the Correos network does not collect to complete the payroll of employees,” confirm both unions.

The prospects look bleak, but Serrano confirms that the results of his strategy will be visible in the year 2025. Unions say it is unacceptable to delay hopes as if their administration was yet to begin. Unions estimate that in the company «anti india Unheard”, he confirms that the intermediate bosses are “receiving the Catechism to spread to the centers in which the Union’s arguments have been rejected” and that it is intended that “the postmen sign the receipt of the hearing and the reading”.

Company employees and accounts

UGT and CCOO assure that Template This has been reduced from 55,000 to 45,026 employees in the Serrano period. Correos says that during the period 2018-2021, 13,297 vacancies have been announced for indefinite labor personnel, of which 7,730 people have joined the organization, and the remaining 5,377 posts are already announced.

The unions recalled more than 100 million euros that the company lost in 2021, and insist that these Loss The company has been attenuated by the sale of real estate.

Sayagües wonders what the postal model of? sanchez government: « There has been a reflection on the postal model in any developed country that they need and want. It should be the same here.” is the reference for UGT and CCOO France, where the postal operator is able to survive in the postal business, while guaranteeing its public service mission and related activities (logistics and parcel services). “It unites the country”, which he estimates should happen in Spain as well.

With the French model, he America, There, the public service that the USPS provides to customers of different social classes, SMEs or e-commerce shipments co-exists with private companies such as FedEx and UPS, and Sayaguz does it with a modern about a postal model. I sees it as a good reference to think about. The post office, useful to Spanish society, without reducing efficiency.

This trade unionist agrees that the company has to avoid inefficiencies in the business model, but stresses that they are not a traditional company, and that a sensible management team should reflect before making risky decisions such as Some advertising stakes were noted, such as for the rental of airplanes to carry cargo routes from Hong Kong to Latin America, or for announcing the entry into the privatization of Brazil’s postal service. UGT and CCOO are now wondering, “with the declaration of this state of calamity”, who is going to pay the debt of these projects “and all the cardboard scaffolding that has been built over the years”.

Problems of Gramin Dak Sevaks

Representative of the CGT Association in Orense, Javier Gonzalez Carballohas also highlighted some obvious problems related to rural postal carriers. As indicated, these professionals have a service contract that is measured and measured by a sizing team to complete Universal Postal Service Typical of (SPU) chorios, which means that the letters can come anywhere. The rural postman charges 0.23 cents per kilometer per day and vehicular contributions. You cannot request for re-adjustment of personnel at any location in an urban area. You must request it through the Transfer Contest (they are considered individual units). They must be selling in rural areas and lack the cash to make changes. They have to work with their personal money. “If a rural postman drops his delivery to work in an urban area, he fails to sign it and collects money for kilometers he does not complete. it is the company that embezzlement of public money And also consent. he does it because that’s how does not hire employeesand at that price combustible, admits to covert blackmailing comrades, because the 0.23 cents per kilometer contribution is out of date. It hasn’t been amended or even negotiated by the signatories of the collective agreement in the past 10 years,” Gonzalez says.

They estimate that hundreds of thousands of euros are being embezzled per year, and those responsible are area directors and area managers. In this context, he has addressed a message to the National Securities Markets Commission (cnmv): «(…) is the reason for this message Violation by state society S P U, because it is forcing rural workers to leave their area without making deliveries every day, and sending postmen from rural areas to deliver mail from urban areas. Thus, the provision of Public Postal Service approved in the Council of Ministers on June 1, 2021 and published in the BoE on June 26, 2021 is in violation of the scheme.

Gonzalez recalls that Corios should notify CNMC for the authorization of exceptions. With no record of what he has done, he sends this email and takes the opportunity to talk to them about other issues. «I inform you that in the province of Orens offices are closed Like Amoiro for not hiring personnel; friends are forced threat To leave its distribution in the rural area to be distributed in the urban area. Just highlight that what happens in Orens is no exception. This has been a common habit for many years. I request that what has been reported here be examined.

email response

Correos denies the allegations and guarantees the quality of service. Among other issues, it ensures continuity in the provision of Universal Postal Service, Indicates that there is no plan privatization of the company; that there is no transfer of activity from chorios express Mail, not closing no offices or distribution centers, not firingimmersed in the process of Change of its business model without privatization or layoffs, it is not going to be fragmented, it has variety and keep betting on it social interaction,

he talks technical equipment His postman (he has delivered 22,000 new PDAs), incorporation of administrative Services Cooperation with financial institutions for deposits and withdrawals in their offices cash in their officesestablishment the cashier even in small towns logistical support For online sales of SMEs and local producers…

As can be seen, they are committed to different methods of diversification to try to grow the business. Time will tell whether they are the right bet or, as the unions say, wrong.

Tension in post office less than fifteen days after general strike

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