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Telcel will not increase the prices of its services in 2022

Mexico. – This Monday the telephone company Telcel announced that, during 2022, Won’t raise the price of services In prepaid…

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Mexico. – This Monday the telephone company Telcel announced that, during 2022, Won’t raise the price of services In prepaid and postpaid modalities offered in the Mexican Republic.

Last week, the Mexican federal government reported that Telcel is one of the Mexican companies involved. anti inflation scheme of the administration of the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,

On this day, through a statement, the Mexican company said that it is aware of the current context of what the country is going through, therefore, in order to support its customers, it has made it public knowledge that it will be costing its services. will not increase. year in the course.

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“Aware of the current situation, Telcel seeks to benefit its customers who use our services on a daily basis, while helping to reduce inflationary pressures resulting from a complex global economic environment,” the corporate said. Tycoon Carlos Slim’s America Movil 5G,

While it won’t increase its prices this year, Telcel also announced that it will continue to invest in the deployment of infrastructure and technology developments, such as its launch. red 5g,

Telmex will not increase prices in 2022

in the last week, telmex announced that, during 2022, it would not increase the prices of its Internet and telephony services in the Mexican national territory. President Andres Manuel López Obrador announced before presenting the strategy that his government would implement to combat rising national inflation.

“Telmex informs its customers and the general public that there will be no increase in the prices of its services,” the Mexican company said in a statement.

It was last Wednesday, May 4, when the Mexican government officially introduced the anti-inflation plan with which it seeks to control prices. 24 products that are part of the original basket of Mexican families.

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In the morning conference of the current head of the federal executive power, the head of the Ministry of Finance and Public Debt (SHCP), Rogelio Ramírez de la O, announced that Telmex, Walmart de México, Telcel and Grupo Bimbo Those were the companies, which were involved in this new project till now.

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