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death of a 14 year old On March 24, American society was shocked. tyre sampson 14 years old Removed from…

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death of a 14 year old On March 24, American society was shocked. tyre sampson 14 years old Removed from a game mechanic known as Free FallConsidered to be the world’s tallest drop tower, it is the main attraction of ICON Park orlandoFlorida.

Tyre Sampson The Young African American Born in St. Louis, Missouri, he was vacationing in Orlando with relatives of a friend who decided to have fun at the amusement park. When Tire landed in the game with his friends noticed that something was wrong, He and the other boys were restrained with only a harness and There were no additional belts that provided more protection, Moments before the fatal incident, this detail was communicated to his relatives via message.

The mechanical game lasted 100 metres, at the highest point it turned and held its momentum for several seconds until it began its vertical descent at 120 kilometers per hour. The mechanical operation of free fall was developed within everyday life until shortly before reaching the ground, Sampson’s harness gets stretched and he can’t hold on anymore, As a result of this failure, the 14-year-old teenager was thrown to the ground, killing him.

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It was the same night that videos and photos of the fatal accident immediately went viral, allowing us to see how the boy was horribly caught by the harness until he gave way and without any restraint. tire sampson It will hit the floor. rest of the visitors who unfortunately witnessed the brutal accident He 911. called immediately To request emergency services intervention. Once taken to the hospital, Tyre Sampson was pronounced dead.

A month and a half after the tragedy, the audio of Desperate calls 911. Between cries and cries for help, one can hear testimony such as: “It was the biggest blow I’ve ever had in my life”, “He’s dead, He’s dead, He’s gone!” or “He’s on his stomach and there’s blood everywhere. He’s not breathing. I’ve checked his pulse and he’s not.” All this recorded evidence gives an account of the moment of stress that all the witnesses to the disastrous event lived. The response of the people made possible the immediate arrival of an ambulance, which unfortunately could do little.

Tire’s parents filed suit

Tyre’s parents Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson announced during a press conference outside the park on April 26 that they had filed a lawsuit against ICON Park and Slingshot Group. Through tears, Nekia Dodd pleads to withdraw the sport that ended her son’s life. “Just get rid of it completely. It’s a huge risk,” he said.

The attraction’s security protocol was designed to not allow access to people who exceed certain weight limits in order to protect its integrity. The tire was at least 45 kg more than the margin prescribed in the operation manual published by the manufacturer of Free Fall. The suit alleges that safety sensors on the harness were tampered with to allow tire-sized children access to the game.

For his part, the State representative of FloridaGeraldine Thompson said at a press conference that she plans to introduce a bill in the local Congress in honor of the dead boy. Thompson said the new law would provide stricter and more frequent inspections and regulations for all theme parks as well as provide more training for each operator of amusement rides in the state of Florida.

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