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Technology’s darkest night before the year of glory

We can say that it was approximate. You can also remember that “past returns do not predict future returns”. Although…

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We can say that it was approximate. You can also remember that “past returns do not predict future returns”. Although large companies technological They hardly existed on the night of the time of the world economy. Let me tell you, they looked good. More a hunch than a reality.

who wanted to be Warren Buffett Bet on everything else in late 2021 big technology In the World Economic Panorama, they have been regretting their decision for six months and watching how their position continues to deteriorate. Either in the fund or in shares. The fall so far this year is close to 75 per cent and although the results of 2021 are not bad, the blood of the loss is not stopping.

everyone loses

The valuation of the stock market is in steep decline so far in 2022. NVIDIA Leads losses with 42%, Tesla Musk has been hit by a possible buyout of Twitter and has fallen 39%. meta Look for new options to cover the 36% drop. Apple (20%), Microsoft (21%) and Google (21%) have a better face than Amazon (35%). But everyone loses.

Another technology sector that is also crawling on the floor is companies like Netflix (69%), Spotify (58%), PayPal (60%) or Intel (19%).

Somebody thought that 2022 would solve all the problems arising out of the pandemic. That the post-pandemic scenario would not exist and the economy would recover in record time. attack again Russia Ukraine and sanctions. technological Those who have stopped serving the Russian market will have to pay for their losses, which will be substantial.

what europa You America Turn your market to the west, it will be expensive. chips Those made in Asia will go to land at larger plants in Europe, which have not yet stepped on a bulldozer. Not everything that needs to be done is done.


Who was to tell Henry Wernum Poor when he wrote the first page of the index in 1860 Standard & Poor’s 500 That its historical line was going to mark a new decline in 2022. The first was in 2000 and it was necessary. crisis of puntcom It gave way to the new Internet after it first took off. in October 2007 mortgage He took out the garbage for 31 months and after that the famous real estate got into trouble. came back global pandemic And now there is another big drop that continues without turning back.

and missing cryptocurrency In all this technical theater. One of the last characters to enter the game, who has accumulated a large amount of Funds under their blockchain. The asset converts into virtual currency that doubles its value in a few days or goes to zero in weeks.

Uncertainty Reaches markets in the form of social commuting. Larch who shows how difficult it is in the 21st century to try to be an oracle of something.

Technology’s darkest night before the year of glory

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