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Tamil Nadu election. Morena backs Americano Villarreal

tampico- Mario Delgado CarrilloNational leader of Morena supported it Back to party americo villareal anaya and asked the governor of…

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tampico- Mario Delgado CarrilloNational leader of Morena supported it Back to party americo villareal anaya and asked the governor of Tamaulipas to calm down and hold him responsible for any violence that both the leaders and candidates of the party and their families may experience.

During a press conference held in Puerto Jabo, Tampico, Mario Delgado declared that “Cabeza de Veca must have a cool head and understand that this is democracy, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, But you have to let people decide freely”.

He added that “he must not forget that he is still governor and governs for all and he is responsible for our peaceful electoral process, to guarantee conditions so that people can go out and vote.” “

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The leader of Morena had also warned that the governor cannot become a political actor in the current election period as he should rule for all.

“We call for peace and quiet,” Delgado said.

He recalled that Morena was always a peaceful movement, which stems from the struggle to seek change through legal and democratic means.

“When you have the support of the people, there is no way to intimidate,” he said, referring to political persecutions against all political actors of Morena, such as the mayor of Nuevo Laredo, Carmen Lilia Canturosas, or against the mayor. Victoria is unfortunate. Lalo Guttas.

The national president of Morena blamed the state government of Tamaulipas for any act of violence that Dr. Amarico Villarreal, the general candidate for governor of Morena, PT and PVEM, as well as his family may suffer.

Similarly, he assured that he has reports on the purchase of credentials and acts of intimidation to influence the outcome of the June 5 election.

Because of the above, he asked people to not fear and go out and vote for the coalition candidate in these elections “together we make history in Tamulipas” and recommended that they “don’t let your voter ID, Don’t “give it to someone for nothing.”

“It is very important that people protect their credentials, because we know that on June 5, people are going to go out and vote for change, for hope, and we are so happy that an honest person is all Our movement in the election with evidence, principles and securities has put us far ahead.”

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“Americo Villarreal means absolutely a change for Tamaulipas, having a fair governor, unlike what we saw yesterday, we will have a governor with transparency who is going to promote peace, which is Andres Manuel López Obrador This is exactly what Tamaulipas needs”, concluded Delgado.

Tamil Nadu election. Morena backs Americano Villarreal

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