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Talnepantla: Negative, Cholera cases

what was “negative” mexico state health institute About the recent tests on Estimated Cases of (ISEM) Anger I found out…

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what was “negative” mexico state health institute About the recent tests on Estimated Cases of (ISEM) Anger I found out two patients in the municipality talnepantala of armMexico State.

According to the information received from Health Secretary of the State of Mexiconotification which warned of the presence of bacterial diseaseUsually spread by water and causing severe diarrhea and dehydration, was submitted on April 27.

Both the patients were treated in a private hospital. in tlalnepantla And on May 1, local health workers took samples of people presenting symptoms of cholera and sent them to the unit’s state public health laboratory. negative consequences,

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Because of the negative outcome of cholera, which can rarely, in severe cases, cause convulsions or shock, health authorities in the Mexican region could not confirm the diagnosis in both people.

“Since the tests issued by the private laboratory were not validated by the state health authority or the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (INDRE), apart from the fact that the affected people (two adults aged 41 and 54) recovered from The diarrhea he presented”.

There was a record of one case in the municipality of Tenango del Valle. non toxic stress (A medium photo), on April 22, of a 34-year-old man, for whom ISEM installed a sanitary fence through the epidemiological subdirectory.

In addition to implementing federal guidelines for monitoring and treating detected cases. Dismissing both cases, it is underlined that there remains constant communication with the Water Commission of the State of Mexico (CAEM) as well as with the independent water committees of the various communities of the 125 municipalities of Adomex.

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This unit is meant to accurately perform the chlorination of water to be distributed to thousands of homes. Also, it is supported by the State of Mexico’s Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks (COPRICEM) to intensify surveillance in establishments where food is prepared and sold to the public so that they comply with hygiene measures. Do it.

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Talnepantla: Negative, Cholera cases

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