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T-Mec’s Achilles Heel

in three years and livelihoods, T-MEC has in the form of protectionism from the United States and Mexico to create…

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in three years and livelihoods, T-MEC has in the form of protectionism from the United States and Mexico to create a more competitive economy in North America.
But above all the newness of the team Tatiana Clothier mistrust of the President in the Ministry of Economy Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador To negotiate with the White House and its Congress.
Economic shutdowns and a lack of political agreements keep companies under constant stress in the energy, automotive, agriculture and labor sectors.
There is an enduring threat to the future of foreign investment, the closure of Mexican exports and the creation of jobs.
Tenants of the National Palace and their 4T’s excessive protectionism in the oil and power sectors, coupled with the government’s weakness to pursue foreign investment in clean energy Joe Biden In front of his country’s Congress, causes the future of T-MEC to be judged and troubled by lawsuits and binational panels.
To date, Mexico and the United States have three active disputes, according to that country’s secretariat of trade agreements.
One for the rules of origin in the automotive sector and the other for anti-dumping rights for steel bars for concrete reinforcement and carbon steel wire rods with certain alloys.
This year, Mexico and Canada asked to open two more panels against the United States.
One due to differences in the application of the rules of origin within the automotive industry.
and another for tax credits (up to $12,500 in electric vehicles and up to 4,500 if assembled in the US Union), approved by Congress, as 77 percent of units produced in the country are shipped to the United States. Canada 7%.
There are voices in the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry and the National Auto Parts Industry that state that given the restrictions of the Rules of Origin (70% of the national content), added in the obligation to equalize wages in Mexico and the United States, Many brands would prefer to export a portion of their models without the benefits of T-MEC and pay an additional 5% duty.
One business leader defined the moment T-MEC is experiencing very well: the bureaucratic paralysis of the Mexican government to give certainty to investments that create jobs, creating a cascade of complaints that killed the trade deal. Can do.

and wine a Self-supply electricity contracts negotiated, little to explain Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador To attend the Summit of America in the United States next month. owner of black rock, larry finkmade a courtesy call on his friend, the President of Mexico, with whom he has excellent relations. The influential financier devoted Wednesday’s meeting at the National Palace to share something exactly what Tabascan asked in his last meeting with him: how to take advantage of the political and economic moment to restart investment in Mexico. ways to consider. Fink made a general diagnosis of where the global economy was headed and increasingly recommended sectors for investment, such as electromobility, electric battery manufacturing and the automotive industry. Attention was drawn to the new reality created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how it could benefit Mexico. This was the central theme of the conversation. López Obrador and Fink agreed to implement those ideas through the Foreign Minister Marcelo EbrardWho is tasked with holding a meeting with 20 CEOs of the world’s most important companies in the United States in September, along with the head of BlackRock, the largest fund manager on the planet, to present them with a portfolio. To be. in areas of opportunity to trigger new investments between 2022 and 2024. Fink could and would want to ally López Obrador and his government to bring relevant capital into the country.

executive Committee The Business Coordination Council (CCE) had breakfast with the Secretary of the Treasury this morning, Rogelio Ramirez de la OIndustrial Club. Officials will give him a presentation on the state of Mexico’s financial situation and where things will go over the next two years. vote of confidence in the government Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador This is what Cambridge economists would demand. In return, the guild that presides Francis Cervantes Will request more openness and communication with the country’s finance chief, who, just a year after taking office, has been reluctant to negotiate with his peers in the private sector, as with the assembly of the deal a few days ago happened. To combat inflation and famine, where all organisms and associations of the CCE were excluded from negotiations.

Attorney General’s Office of Quintana Roo, one who commands Oscar Montes de Ocascan initiate legal action against gustavo boletigo, CEO of Brazilian-born company eNómina. The file documents how the digital platform for payroll discounts accesses, copies and profits from the database of thousands of citizens of the entity that controls Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, a fact that ignited the alerts of several local and federal examples. The traffic of sensitive information of the population jeopardizes the legacies of citizens and foreigners in an institution where gangs dedicated to extorting or stealing money from bank accounts abound. We could see some head roll in the coming months, as eNómina had access to people’s financial data, thanks to the fact that the state signed cooperation agreements for “management with state-of-the-art technology” payroll credit waivers were.

T-Mec’s Achilles Heel

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