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Sylvia Pinal pictures viral; he looks powerless

Mexico. Sad photos of the first Mexican actress and producer are circulated on social networks Sylvia Pinal in which she…

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Mexico. Sad photos of the first Mexican actress and producer are circulated on social networks Sylvia Pinal in which she looks powerless, After the cancellation of his theatrical performance at CDMX in the play Red Hood.

Sylvia Pinal, 90, was absent from the said staging and could not give the ceremony, After this pressure subsides and before the meeting begins, Therefore, there was a desire in the public to see Mrs. Pinal performing.

A video is going viral on Twitter in which a calm, aware Sylvia Pinal is seen, And the moment someone puts her in their truck and there is an outcry from journalists expressing that they wish her a speedy recovery and they want to see her on stage soon too.

It is this view that has given much talk among Internet users, as some comment that Mrs Pinal’s family should not allow her to continue working and take rest at home, others comment on it. Says the opposite and says that they continue to do theatre. ,

And in several interviews, Sylvia Pinal has expressed that she loves acting, especially in theater and wants to do it until the last day of her life, even her daughter Sylvia Paykel recently joined Ventando’s. shared in an interview with Every time she talks about theater or she’s going to star in a production, her mother’s face lit up.

Regarding the debut of Donna Sylvia in Little Red Riding Hood, this could not be done because she had a drop in blood pressure and for this reason she had to be taken to an emergency hospital, but luckily nothing happened to the elderly, and it was actress Norma Lazareno who replaced Sylvia Pinal.

Here are some comments from Internet users about what happened to Donna Sylvia Pinal in Little Red Riding Hood:

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“I sincerely hope Sylvia will be fine. But she doesn’t go back to that horrible job”, “I don’t know how eager the producers are or how to star an already too old lady (in a good way) Who to keep. More work! I understand his passion and love of art”, “He must already enjoy everything I do!”.

They request help from Alfonso Durazo to repair the road on the border of Sonora and Sinaloa

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Sylvia Pinal pictures viral; he looks powerless

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