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SSPC investigates matters related to Debanhi Escobar case

Nuevo León. – Under Secretary of Public Security, Ricardo Mejia Bardeja stated that SSPC Nuevo León cooperates with the Prosecutor’s…

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Nuevo León. – Under Secretary of Public Security, Ricardo Mejia Bardeja stated that SSPC Nuevo León cooperates with the Prosecutor’s Office in the investigation of subjects that may be linked to the case Debanhi,

“We would like to underline a very important point. Based on the exchange of information, the group that provided the information SSPC has taken technical and intelligence actions in support of the prosecutor’s office in order to identify subjects that could have been linked to the line of investigation that was being followed for the crime of homicide.

“That is, people who could coincide time and time again in the same place, to be able to eliminate that line of inquiry by 100”, Mejia explained.

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This morning, at a conference at the National Palace, the Under Secretary of Security remarked that SSPC Will participate in the approval of the final opinion of the matter from the point of view of gender.

“The Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office (FGJENL) will administer the concordance of a final opinion of the law autopsy in which federal and local officials will participate, which will allow to specialize and strengthen toxicology studies from a gender perspective,” he said. mentioned. ,

Similarly, Mejia Bardeja said that security secretary also established a permanent channel of communication with the relatives of Debanhi,

Tomorrow, after leaving a new inspection at the Nueva Castilla Motel, the father of Debanhi escobar He revealed that he counted 15 security cameras, of which he hopes to be able to review the images in the coming days.

He specified that all are recording and not monitoring, although none point to the tanker area.

“There are about 15 cameras, and I wanted to verify that when they give me video information, check them all out,” he said.

“We know that there must be a lot of information in those DVR videos.”

Earlier, the state attorney general’s office showed videos of two of 15 security cameras: one inside the motel and the other at booth height, which captured the final minutes. Debanhi Escobar before disappearing.

performance, unrelated to journalistic practice. – SSPC

On the other hand, Ricardo Mejia Bardeja assured that the recent executions of journalists Luis Enrique Ramos, Yesenia Molinedo Falconi and Sheila Johanna García are not connected with their journalistic work.

“The reporter did not attend the Segob security apparatus for journalists, no line has been ruled out, but with the indication, from the evidence that is available, it may be pointed out that there is no element that this murder was his associated with a job of journalism,” said the under-secretary of Luis Enrique’s case in Sinaloa.

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“(…) there is no element that links it to journalistic activity, but there is a very solid line with organized crime,” he said of the Veracruz journalists’ case.

In the case of Luis Enrique Ramos, Mejia insists that the alleged perpetrator has already been identified, while in the case of Yesenia and Sheila the alleged perpetrators have also been traced by the Public Ministry, so they expect their arrest soon. We do.

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SSPC investigates matters related to Debanhi Escobar case

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