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Spanish Gypsy Beatified

history in debate 11 May 1972 Bangricola closed in Guasave. A fundamental amendment to the operational and administrative systems of…

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history in debate

11 May 1972

Bangricola closed in Guasave. A fundamental amendment to the operational and administrative systems of the Banco Nacional de Credito Agricola would allow the Los Mochis zone headquarters to include all repair and authorization works carried out in the Fuerte and Carrizo basins. As a result, the Guayasave Zone Headquarters disappears and the Guamchil Zone Headquarters is created, currently serving as the institution’s sub-headquarters. This will lead to modernization of accounting systems.

The Secret Talks of Kissinger and Le Duck Tho. Paris. According to French newspapers, the presidential adviser Henri Kissinger held secret talks with North Vietnamese leader Le Duc Tho, but talks stalled earlier this week. The France Soir newspaper reported that Kissinger accepted the demand of the Vietnamese communists, the departure of South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu, but rejected the demand that the Saigon government be replaced with a tripartite affiliation.

Baby for Ana Maria de Miranda. Mrs. Ana Maria de Miranda, wife of Miguel Angel Miranda, received a lavish baby shower hosted by a group of friends in her honor. The honored man is waiting for the sweet surprise bird and so he hears greetings from his furry friends and also thanks for the gifts for the baby who will come into this world. Mrs. Esperanza de Wong was the kind hostess who did not neglect any detail to make the meeting a success.

11 May 1997

Surveillance in blocks to avoid looting. For the first time in many years, officials have carried out adequate monitoring in regional bays to avoid indiscriminate harvesting of shrimp during the off season. It is a platoon of 12 soldiers, alternately with an equal number of Marines, plus Semarnap and Profepa personnel, inspecting the coast to respect the crustacean restriction. The Federation of Fishermen of Bay also supports these operations with a mobile unit.

They reject Clinton’s visit. Mexico City In rejection of the visit of United States President Bill Clinton, members of disgruntled teachers’ organizations, bank debtors, and radical social groups marched and picketed, leading to clashes with police and military elements. Within a strong security apparatus, hundreds of protesters were against the FTA, new immigration laws and methods used against drug trafficking.

Defeated the Spanish Gypsy. Vatican. In what represents the first for the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II blessed a gypsy, which he described as a symbol of cultural and racial harmony. Thousands of Gypsies from all over Europe gathered in St. Peter’s Square to attend a mass in honor of Ceferino Jiménez Malla and four others who were declared blessed by the Pope. Bitification is the last of the steps before demonetisation. Jiménez died in 1936 at the age of 75 during the Spanish Civil War.
He was arrested by Republican forces for defending a priest and areas supporting his death say he died for refusing to relinquish his faith. In his message, the Pope said, “Blessed Ceferino Jiménez sowed the seeds of harmony and solidarity among Gypsies in the midst of the conflicts affecting relations between Gypsies and non-Gypsies. He showed that Christ’s charity could be accepted without any boundaries of race or culture. Not there.” Before that about 30,000 people gathered in the hot sun.

Spanish Gypsy Beatified

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