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Spain, South Europe Data Region

Something is going on in Southern Europe. Something technically interesting that has aroused the interest of large companies and even…

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Something is going on in Southern Europe. Something technically interesting that has aroused the interest of large companies and even the Spanish government felt like a goldmine it represents.

Microsoft Algete will open “additional data centers” in the Madrid community located in Meco and San Sebastián de los Reyes, with the aim of launching its data region in Spain “in the coming months”, announced by Microsoft president Brad Smith.

google cloud launched its data region in Spain this week, with three centers located in the Madrid community.

Google Data Center in DublinGoogle

in case of company Alphabet BET includes opening its 33rd data center in the world and the first data center in Southern Europe. The heat map of its centers is located in 14 in the United States, one in Chile, one in Singapore, one in Taiwan, and the rest of northern Europe in countries such as Ireland, the Netherlands or Denmark.

Spain is a very important connection node for countries such as France, Italy and the South of North Africa. A fundamental enclave so that everything is greater Quick and better flow. Because it is difficult to explain to the user what these data centers want or if they are going to notice the difference.

Microsoft It has a more complete map in the south with its data centers in Milan, Athens and Israel, but it wants to increase its infrastructure with a new data area in Madrid.

The benefits of data areas being closer to users can be compared to a data hub. Internet Before the advent of fiber optics. Those who lived near the Telefónica center could have almost all the bandwidth and surf at those unforgettable 3 Mbps.


contact speed Accessing data earlier is an addition to companies that will be able to operate with greater security and avoid problems with their customers. Leveraging stable access and speed to the cloud will be of huge benefit to the users.


that the data of thousands of customers is physically Spain is also important. Many companies and individuals want to keep their information in the national territory, however, as shown, europa It protects the privacy of its citizens much better than the United States.


Google will employ approx. 14.000 persons, Microsoft has decided to open training courses to prepare its employees 10,000 future status, There is a severe shortage of technical training in Spain which could slow down investment.

Spain, South Europe Data Region

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