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Spain reaches 20 million associates thanks to public sector hiring

Just four days after knowing the employment data provided by the government, over 4,000 temporary workers in the public sector…

By admin , in news , at May 8, 2022

Just four days after knowing the employment data provided by the government, over 4,000 temporary workers in the public sector took to the streets to claim their jobs. Last Tuesday, the executive released figures for April, the month in which Spain managed to break the 20 million members barrier.

Still, a part of the improvement in employment in recent months comes from the public sector. Since last September the administration has been adding staff at a rate higher than that achieved in the first quarter of 2021, Last March in Spain were more than 2.8 million public employeess, including thousands of tornadoes that this Saturday demanded that Moncloa recover the places he has occupied over the years.

According to the data distributed by the Ministry of Social Security, the public sector has almost 70,000 more affiliates than a year agoWhen our country was coming out of the third wave of COVID-19 and the demand for toilets was very high to deal with the infection.

Now, in the process of normalizing the virus, the state administration continues to add workers to its ranks. In fact, It is the only one of the three administrations that continues to add troops., Both the autonomous community and the municipality have been reducing staff over the past three months. Against this, the state is adding 0.3% on average, In the words of the first vice-president, Nadia Calvino, the affiliation who has expanded the employment figures, which the government uses to claim “the strength of the Spanish economy.”

precarious public employment

Despite the increase in permanent contracts – as a result of the measures included in labor reform – the executive continues to face a number of challenges. is one of them Tempority in the Public Sector, Moncloa tried to tackle a puzzle in December 2021 with legislation on urgent measures to reduce temporary employment in public employment. A text that stands for the USO Union «a swindler elevated to the rank of law And a lost opportunity to solve a problem that affects thousands of workers and that has been the job of every government without exception”.

Health protests at the door of Madrid’s Gregorio Maranone hospital this FridayEFE

The disapproval has been shared by the platform ‘Independent Movement February 15’, which led the public stormtroopers touring Madrid this Saturday. “It is unfair, it does not supersede the European Directive 1999/70 and it fails to comply with several decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union,” organizers said at the end of the protest.

From the forum of unions and unions they assure that the executive is allowing the consent of those who have not been affected or damaged by misconduct in temporary recruitment over the years in the public sector. For all this, he has called for a general strike so that, in the face of “absolute lack of will on the part of the government”, the majority of unions and judges have been assured to “implement European rules regarding the abuse of temporality in administration”. Executive “Once and for all, obey the law”.