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Spain opens gas gateway for Qatar to Europe

Qatar’s emir visits Spain amid gas crisis, a result of European plans to disconnect from Russian energy. Tamim bin Hamad…

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Qatar’s emir visits Spain amid gas crisis, a result of European plans to disconnect from Russian energy. Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani makes full two-day stopover in Madrid road show Thereby, Qatari tries to clean up the image of its regime accused of human rights violations. The country, which is hosting the Football World Cup this winter, now presents itself as One of the alternative sources of gas and oilin the midst of an argument Russian import ban.

The Qatari campaign to Spain is not accidental. Moncloa has squeezed meetings with the Amir. One of the pillars of negotiations has turned around increase in gas purchases With which to continue to diversify the Spanish energy portfolio. With the breakdown of the Russian contract on the horizon, Spain has already begun increasing the energy dump from Doha. According to the latest Enagas monthly bulletin, our country received a greater amount of gas from Qatar in April than in the entire first quarter of 2022. A month – last month – in which Algerian shipments fell, coinciding with the diplomatic turmoil caused by Moncloa. Turn with respect to Sahara.

Queen Letizia, Amir Al Thani, Felipe VI and Mojah bint Nasser at the Royal Palace in MadridAFP

“This visit comes to strengthen these ties in all spheres, at the institutional, government, parliamentary, but also popular levels,” Al Thani said during an act held in the Senate. “We believe in further strengthening the relationship,” Sheikh stressed.

The relationship has been going on for months. The United States opened a ban on talks in January. Biden administration began at the beginning of the year Call for Al Thani to close supply deal of gas between the Arab countries and the European Union. Meetings that accompanied the official visit this Tuesday were moved to Madrid. Along the way, the United Kingdom, which hasn’t stopped pressuring Brussels with a definitive veto on Russian energy, also visited Doha with the intention of signing a supply deal.

Spain claims to be a gas ‘hub’

Spain finalizes gas purchases from Russia ahead of a staggered disconnection proposed by the Community Executive. Our country has been called to play the role of hub Energy for the European Union. In fact, during the month of April, the Larau and Iron gas pipelines operated at full capacity, exporting as much gas as possible.

In parallel, Moncloa, Elysee and Brussels are trying to accelerate the construction and commissioning of midcat, the third pipeline that will connect Spain and France via Catalonia. Nevertheless, experts consulted by El Debate assured that Spanish shipping capacity would be limited. “It will reduce dependency a little bit,” he says.

Spain still does not have good relations with Europe

However, the government intends to continue receiving methane tankers while Brussels implements a plan to ban energy products managed by the Kremlin. Diversification is key. madrid is Nigeria, Egypt and Qatar in your supplier portfolio. Imports that Spain has increased in recent weeks.

Qatar is the third largest gas producer in the world. It generates the 77 million tonnes that cross the ocean every year on board ships. A production — months before the conflict — the country’s officials approved to multiply by 2027. By that date, the Qatari government wants to extract more than 126 million tons of gas from its exploration wells.

a great commercial

Within the meetings held – which will last until this Wednesday – other trade agreements will also be discussed. expected a big ad Which affects Qatar’s interests in Spain. Qatari official sources said ahead of the campaign in the field of “renewable energy and sustainability”.

Twelve agreements are expected to be signed, including eight MoUs at the bilateral level in various fields, including the economic and commercial sector, and three MoUs with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the CEOE.

Within these agreements, there is one of cooperation between Qatari Sovereign Fund QIA -with a portfolio of 450,000 million euros- with cofides, Al Thani thus seeks to diversify its business portfolio with a focus on Asia.

The European Commission will publish the details of its plan this Wednesday re-power the EU To move the EU away from Russian gas as soon as possible, to diversify suppliers, increase energy efficiency and increase renewable production, and the production and import of “green” hydrogen.

Spain opens gas gateway for Qatar to Europe

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