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Spain is the third country in Europe that wastes the most money

Sometimes it is necessary to innovate to avoid always sticking with the same principles, similar concepts and even similar fillers…

By admin , in news , at May 31, 2022

Sometimes it is necessary to innovate to avoid always sticking with the same principles, similar concepts and even similar fillers when writing or talking about economics.

talk about loss It is fashionable, and even more so when the European Commission is beginning to say that it will be necessary to return to the path of equilibrium and it will not be possible to cross 3% of the deficit again. talk about loan of It is also the fashion as they are beginning to say that we should return to the way of not exceeding 60% of the GDP of the country.

To date, no economist, at least that I know of, has dared to write about deficit and debt as the generation of poverty and GDP as the generation of wealth, and to find out whether Countries generate wealth, only the two amounts add up. Or poverty in our environment.

That is to say, if our annual deficit exceeds GDP growth, we will be making ourselves poor, but if it is less, we will be enriching ourselves. In short, it is treating the economy of a country like a family economy. If I earn more than I spend, I save and I get rich. If I spend more than I earn, I need a loan which I will have to pay off someday and I am getting poorer.

With this simple and easy to understand approach, I’m going to look at what has happened in the EU, in the euro area, and look at the countries that have gotten richer this century and those that have gotten poorer.

So I’ve taken each country’s annual deficit figures from Eurostat and the GDP growth from 2000 to 2021, I’ve added them up and here we have the result.

There are 23 countries out of 29 of the EU that have created wealth, and 6 countries that have created poverty for their residents, but the most surprising thing is that these 6 countries have created more poverty than 23 countries Is.

Thus we have that the European Union has created 82,102 million people into poverty this century and the Euro Zone has created 639,051 million people into poverty.

it’s clear that Nordic countriesMany of them are considered «thrifty», they are the ones who generate the most money for its population.

so we have one NorwayWhich is the best country in Europe, generating a surplus of more than 680,000 million euros, in addition to increasing its GDP by more than 221,000 million euros, generating wealth of 0.9 billion euros for its residents.

follows him Germany 760,000 million with profit and then Sweden, Denmark You Netherlandsformation of european star quintet,

It is a pleasant surprise to see emerging European countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Romania in the top 10 countries of Europe.

by the tail, and As the worst country in Europe, we have France, It is clear that their “grandeur” is ruining it in a fistful, causing an economic loss of 812,000 million. Silver medal, goes as Europe’s second-worst country ItalyWhich is capable of destroying 681,000 million due to poor management of Italian politicians.

third from the bottom and hence, with the bronze medal, and is won by hand SpainWhich is capable of burning 450,000 million euros without needing any help.

What can we conclude from these data?

1) The day when the countries of Northern Europe will be angry with the countries of the South and start getting very angry, on that day a serious problem is going to come before us.

2) When the European Commission begins to oblige to comply with deficit targets in 2024, France, Italy and Spain are going to suffer from tax increases and spending cuts to French, Italians and Spaniards.

3) Government employees will be left without pay.

4) Pensioners also.

5) The welfare economy is about to take off.

But yes: no one will demand the chairmen of the government and their ministerial teams to return the accumulated waste from the year 2000, along with their property and their property, and to each, their share.

Perhaps at some point we will have to ask for a law that demands responsibilities from our politicians. It cannot be that they treat our country as if it belongs to no one and they have no responsibility, even more so after spending billions of euros belonging to the Spanish in an unproductive way.

Either we start demanding from the civilized society that this waste should be stopped forever through laws that punish bad politicians, or this cycle of spending and wastage will not stop.

Spain is the third country in Europe that wastes the most money

2022-05-31 02:58:15