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Spain increases its African gas purchases in the face of potential Russian supply crisis

Spain held its imports of Russian gas steady in April, despite vigorous debate with the Kremlin about an energy cut….

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Spain held its imports of Russian gas steady in April, despite vigorous debate with the Kremlin about an energy cut. According to the statistical bulletin published by Enagas this Monday, our country imported 3,278 GWh of Russian gas in the fourth month of the year, practically the same amount purchased in March. Russia is the fourth major supplier of gas to Spain. It represents 8% of the total imports.

the government tries expediting Russian supply deadlines, Before Brussels’ possible break with Vladimir Putin as a result of a proposed oil veto by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Discussions on the ban on Russian crude oil in the old continent continue. Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic both refuse to accept the deadline proposed by the European body.

against, Spain has started increasing its purchases from Qatar, The country – which has the world’s third largest natural gas reserves – sent more in April than in the entire first quarter of 2022. In recent months, the EU has been building ties with the Qatari public energy company. However, the priority of the community executive remains to close the deal To reduce Russia’s dependence on German gas.

Slight decline in Algerian imports

With regard to gas from Algeria, the document shows a slight decline in arrivals. The Maghreb country reduced its shipments via the Medgaz gas pipeline and sea route, which seeks to replace the cut of the Maghreb-Europe pipeline. Algiers threatened to cut supplies in late April if Spain forwards its gas to Morocco, with which it has diplomatic disputes. The Executive Committee tried to resolve the dispute. Minister Teresa Ribera assured – a day later – that “not a single molecule” of Algerian gas would reach Rabat.

It is almost impossible to prove the shipment of Algerian gas to Morocco

It is practically impossible to verify the statement of the fourth vice-president of the government. According to Antonio Turiel, “When we import gas we add it directly to the network. In these deposits, all the gas from different sources is mixed”, the CSIC scientist said in an interview with this newspaper.

On the other hand, imports increased from Egypt, which is now Spain’s fifth largest supplier. Data confirm a decline in arrivals of US methane tankers, following an increase in registered purchases in March. Nevertheless, Washington remains the main supplier with 30.7% of the total.

Exports through the Pyrenees increase

Spain has started pumping large quantities of gas to France through the Larau and Irun gas pipelines. Almost 14% of all imported gas is redirected to Europe through the Pyrenees. Six Spanish regasification plants operated at full capacity in April. Up to 34 ships have been unloaded at plants in Barcelona, ​​Huelva, Cartagena, Bilbao, Sagunto and Mugardos, which is more than usual.

Teresa Ribera has not hidden that Spain will have a leading role in this matter sudden break with russian energy, “Our storage capacity and the advent of liquefied natural gas allow us to be able, to some extent, to be an additional guarantee to other Member States,” assured the energy chief in TVE statements this Monday.

Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albers, with his Portuguese counterpart, Joo Gomes CravinhoEFE

At the moment, Europe is discussing imposing sanctions on crude oil purchases with which Putin is part of the war in Ukraine. Having received – this Monday – support for the Brussels gas price cap, Spain and Portugal have claimed to be a fundamental part of the fight to disconnect from Russia.

Spain and Portugal ready to be freed from the power of Russia

Spanish and Portuguese foreign ministers acknowledged that both countries Russians ready to stop cutting oil and gas, Not all community participants show up with the same card. In the past few hours, plans to veto energy controlled by the Kremlin have shaken European unity. Jose Manuel Albers and Joo Gomes Cravinho have asked the European Commission to set a time frame that allows those with more dependence to reestablish options.