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Soros calls on Putin to be defeated as soon as possible to save civilization

billionaire and philanthropist George Soro He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be defeated as soon as possible because…

By admin , in news , at May 25, 2022

billionaire and philanthropist George Soro He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be defeated as soon as possible because it is “the best and perhaps the only way to preserve our civilization.”

Russian invasion of Ukraine “may be just the beginning” third world war» And it must end with the defeat of the attacker, Soros said in his traditional appearance before the media on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, in the small alpine town of Davos.

Climate change

Even though a global conflict has been averted, the war of UkraineThat, Soros argued, has moved the fight against climate change to second place, and on this front “we are already far behind.” The damage to the planet is about to be irreversible, which would mean “our civilization cannot survive,” he warned.

Therefore, we must “mobilize all our resources” and “the best and perhaps only way to preserve our civilization” is now to “defeat B as quickly as possible”.

Putin “knows very well how vulnerable his position is”, “seems” to recognize his “terrible mistake” in the offensive Ukraine, where it has faced unexpected resistance, and is now “preparing the ground for negotiating a ceasefire.” However, according to Soros, “the ceasefire is unenforceable, because the Russian president cannot be trusted.”

Soros also said that, after much hesitation, the EU appears to be “on the right track”, acting with more “speed, unity and spirit” than ever before, particularly in its quest for energy independence, but with more integration Policy.

According to Soros, European leaders, including the German chancellor, “felt the pressure”, after realizing that “Putin It could simply choose not to wait to find alternative sources of (European) energy. “It may close the gas spigot to do as much damage as possible,” as some countries have begun to do.

Armistice is unenforceable, because Putin can’t be trustedGeorge Soro

European reconciliation thus faces a “difficult test”, but if twenty-seven manage to maintain unity, the end result is “strengthening of energy security and Leadership Europe in the fight against climate change. He added.

Soros in particular highlighted the vision of “courage” and Mario DraghiThe prime minister of Italy, a country that depends more or less on Russian gas than Germany.


In a recent communication with him, Soros warned that Putin is “blackmailing”. europa As it did last year, when it stored gas instead of shipping it to Europe, creating shortages, driving up prices and giving it “a lot of money.”

But such a strategy, according to Soros, this time “is not as solid as it seems”, as it is estimated that the gas storage capacity will increase. Russia Peak in July and because Europe is the only market for Russian gas.

If Russia does not supply gas to Europe, it will have to close the fields in Siberia from where the gas comesGeorge Soro

“If you don’t supply it to Europe, you have to close the farms in Siberia where the gas comes from, around 12,000 wells, It will take time to close them and, once closed, due to the age of the equipment, it will be very difficult to open them again”, in the opinion of financier Soros.

Europe needs to prepare urgently to secure its independence from Russian gas, and preparations must be sufficiently advanced, before the Russian president decides to cut its gas supply. next Winter season.”

Soros criticized the former German chancellor’s “businessist policies”, Angela MerkelAnd said the country would now pay a “higher price” for special agreements signed with Russia, also to allow China to become Germany’s biggest export market.


As far as China is concerned, Soros believed that its President, Xi Jinping“Burned to fail” because it agreed for Putin to launch his “failed attack” on Ukraine, which was against China’s interests.

“China should have been the senior partner in the alliance with Russia, but Xi Jinping’s lack of assertiveness allowed Putin to grab that position from him.” Xi “continues to support Putin,” he continued. soros“But now not unconditionally.”

President Xi’s ‘Zero Covid’ Policy, Which Has Forced the Population to Stay Inside quarantine Instead of allowing them to confine themselves to their homes, it has “brought Shanghai to the brink of open rebellion.”

The biggest mistake of the Chinese President was to double his commitment to Zero KovidGeorge Soro

According to Soros, the Chinese president’s “worst mistake” was “doubling down on his commitment to ‘zero COVID’.” The lockdown has had “disastrous consequences” and plunged the Chinese economy into a tailspin that, in combination with the housing crisis and disruption in supply chains, could lead to a depression World.

Too many Vladimir Putin Just as Xi Jinping has made “mistakes” because their respective governments are based on intimidation, Soros concluded. “Putin hoped that Ukrainians would welcome him as a liberator”, while “Xi Jinping sticks to a zero-Covid policy that is absolutely untenable”.

Soros calls on Putin to be defeated as soon as possible to save civilization

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