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Socialization culminates at the expansion of Guerrero Street in Los Mochiso

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – As planned, this Tuesday, May 10 The socialization period ended with the intention of continuing on…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – As planned, this Tuesday, May 10 The socialization period ended with the intention of continuing on Guerrero Street. In the city of Los Mochis, Rojendo G. From Castro Boulevard to Centennial, assured Gerardo Vargas Landros.

Mayor of Ahom assured that future owners sugar mill land They welcome the intention of the municipality to complete this project which seeks to provide greater mobility to the city.

“I’ve talked with some future owners, I say futures because right now the land is in a commercial bankruptcy, nothing belongs to anyone, they told me, everyone looked at them very well, they know their The surplus value would be the quality, that would be something that is very good for the city and as the city council we are afraid to take care of it because it is the last piece of the first painting of the city”, he indicated.

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In that sense, he said it would be the town planning institute that would turn it into a cabald so that the final assessment could be done and approved.

“It continues to hand it over to Cabildo and it has already been passed to the Public Works Commission for final touches, it may be in the next few days.”

He also pointed out that there is a high probability that this street reaches about 700 or 800 meters higher and runs along Centenario Boulevard.

“Excellent acceptance by those who will be potential owners. So far no objections, comments but all in the right direction, some adjustments have been made, the initial final project has already been submitted to you, let me remind you That experts on this subject are part of Implan, which has made it as easy to do things as possible while adhering to what has been established by law,” he emphasized.

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