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slave doctor

“Slavery is theft: theft of life, theft of work, theft of any property or product.“Kevin Bells For President López Obrador…

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“Slavery is theft: theft of life, theft of work, theft of any property or product.“Kevin Bells

For President López Obrador it is a political act, an opportunity for the Cuban regime to obtain foreign exchange with the exploitation of its people. The agreement is between the two governments; Nobody asks doctors. Because they are currency, slave laborers who have to go where their government tells them, without receiving more than the minimum share paid for their work.

The president announced on 9 May: “Come on. To hire doctors from Cuba, they will come to our country to work. We took this decision because we do not have doctors in the country which we need. We are short of experts. We may have hospitals, but we don’t have pediatricians, and even more so when it comes to working in hospitals in poor areas.

Mexican doctors disagree. In a statement, colleges, associations and federations declared: “We decided to express our disapproval and vehement protest against the announcement of new recruitment by the federal government due to an alleged shortage of doctors from another country, which we believe A serious crime against health professionals in Mexico.

Our country has doctors of capacity supported by the universities of the Mexican Republic, trained in full knowledge of the needs and specialties of our population, some of them unemployed or eventually employed at very low wages or in areas of extreme insecurity.

If we don’t have enough doctors, or those who do exist don’t want to work in certain areas, we can consider opening borders to foreign professionals, but the call should be for doctors who are certified in our country Accept. in accordance with national law. Foreigners should get the same pay as Mexicans with similar expertise. But they should get it, the coyote doesn’t.

The plan with which the Mexican government hired Cuban doctors in 2020 during the pandemic, and with which it now intends to bring these 500, is completely different. So far they have not met the legal requirements to work in our country. Nor are they paid the same as Mexicans; The salary is high, but most of it is pocketed by the Cuban government.

Cuban doctors work as slave laborers in Mexico. Not only are they paid their salaries, but sanctions that violate human rights are also imposed on them. They are not allowed to come with their families, who live as hostages in Cuba so that they do not “run away”, nor are they allowed to “rest” with the locals. At least one of the responsibilities of some is to campaign for the government in Havana.

On the other hand, the idea that Cuban doctors are better than Mexicans has been dashed. The Cubans who have come are generalists with little or no experience at all; Not many people know how to use the modern equipment that civilians do. Some may not actually be doctors, but we don’t know that, as all documents and financial arrangements are kept secret.

It is curious that a President who affirms that self-reliance is the best path to prosperity is importing doctors, just as he has imported medicines which are produced here with better quality and price. Huh. On the other hand, it is unacceptable for him to say that he is against human trafficking but bring slave labor to work in the country.

without decree
It was Under Secretary Rogelio Jiménez Ponce who said that “two decrees” would be issued, one to reduce AICM operations by 20 percent and the other to transfer charter and cargo flights to AIFA. But since the president was upset, now everyone refutes the decrees: they are only “reassuring” the airlines.

slave doctor

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