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“Six Months Ago I Lost My Son”, The Cryptosect That Continues To Brainwash Comes To Congress

“Six months ago I lost my son. He was a normal teenager: he would go out with his friends, watch…

By admin , in news , at May 31, 2022

“Six months ago I lost my son. He was a normal teenager: he would go out with his friends, watch movies and read with his family. Cryptosect for a dayM Academy Caught him in a park. His transformation in a matter of days was revolutionary, he quit his studies and lost all the money he had been saving up over the years, “says one of the affected mothers, who insisted that her son” Brain» And that until this Academy closes its doors, they do not intend to stop the struggle.

IM Mastery Academy is an organization that captures youths under the promise of making them rich by investing in cryptocurrency, Their target is students, some even minors, whom they persuade in public parks or at face-to-face events.

IM Academy charges around 200 Euro per month

Indeed, the Academy organized an event in Badalona (Barcelona) on 8 and 9 April, which was attended by more than 9,000 young people from various European countries. In this type of meeting they use techniques of incentive Communal organization on the basis of achieving “financial independence”.

The website continues to operate under the motto “How would you feel if you had more control over your life?”. It offers academies, tutorials and . calls for the convenience of Strategies With a platform in which five aspects work:

Resource the elite To learn how to choose, to learn about FRX foreign currencyTo master TBX Marketfor dcx cryptocurrency and for ecx electronic commerce Where it ensures that it will sell viral products with no inventory and stores on social networks.

The families assure that this organization” destroyed their families” and they only want to “get back their kids” whom they have “brainwashed”.

web background pyramid scheme With 12 different strategies for investing and supposedly making money. The price is $324 to register and $275 per month.

“My son Louis was a normal and ordinary teenager of 16 years. He dreamed of going to university, considering the possibility of going abroad to study. Until IM Academy crossed his path. They caught him in a public park. And from there began his rapid transformation: all his priorities were left in the background and from that moment he was only interested in IM Academy”, assured one of the parents the day they would deliver 89,000 companies Collected on Platform Ministry of Justice In which they demand that the activity of this organization be banned “because it is illegal and fraudulent”.

Police arrested eight people in action against IM Academy

Rodriguez has explained that less than a month later her son left her studies of high school, something that is promoted in the above organization, and when her parents refused to continue paying her, she decided to leave the house share,

« The day his father and I refused to continue paying him the monthly subscription, he filled a bag with clothes and left the house. we keep Complaint before the police for being a minor, but we do not know where he is or with whom, although it is not difficult to imagine that he would be at the house of some of his ‘brothers’, as they call each other, ” He was added.


Criticism of the families that the organization continues to work with impunityDespite the fact that in late March the group was the subject of an operation by the National Police’s Economic and Financial Crimes Unit (UDEF), which ruled that the IM Academy “uses communal and coercion to recruit new members.

they were in that operation Arrested Eight people, following complaints from at least 450 affected families, as reported by the Interior Ministry at the time.

“Six Months Ago I Lost My Son”, The Cryptosect That Continues To Brainwash Comes To Congress

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