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“Singing Shot” Between Rocha and Ferreiro

No doubt, the “shot rhymes” between Rubén Rocha and the mayor of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, and despite the photographs…

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No doubt, the “shot rhymes” between Rubén Rocha and the mayor of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, and despite the photographs they took together, smiling, as if nothing had happened, they reunite at the weekly convention yesterday. The feud erupted when the governor described the mayor as “stubborn, rude and insensitive to the poor”.

It was all a matter of asking, as he promptly returned that Estrada “I have nothing to compromise with, I am not following him and he will not be able to find me if he looks for me, because I have There is nothing against him, he should go to the Congress and hold talks with the people’s representatives who are in charge of the political trial.”

In addition, he said that apparently Estrada Ferreiro signed the agreement yesterday morning to receive 30 million pesos to pay the widows of the policemen, but because he feels pressure. “What we’re giving you is to pay retroactively until February, from then on it’s yours and you’re not going to suspend it again,” he warned.

“The mayor should have sensitivity towards governance. He threatens to sue President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with treason charges, but it is he who is betraying the elderly who do not want to exempt him from the drinking water bills that all municipalities do. Don’t let it come to the fore that there is a constitutional dispute.”

He recalled that when he offered Estrada 20 million at the request of President AMLO, he responded harshly, even saying that his and his family’s lives were in danger. The mayor presented his defense yesterday in Congress, where political trials have advanced and apparently not even his alleged friendship with the president can save him, although he now has the support of the PAS as well.

Potpourri. Governor Rubén Rocha says substantial progress has been made in the thorough investigation into the murder of fellow journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez; That some searches have been done, but the information is kept confidential. Meanwhile, journalists continue to demand security guarantees for the performance of their work and accuse some mayors and officials of troubling the union with demands.

Comments. Today, because it is Mother’s Day, Welfare Brigade members Aurelio Rodriguez Sports City and Centenario Sports Center will postpone vaccination sessions for children aged 12 to 14 and for children over 18, but tomorrow, May 11 , they will resume activities. By the way, despite the fact that the threat of the Omicron type of covid is still latent, people are already very relaxed, they no longer use masks in crowds, only to enter shops and restaurants where it is mandatory. Is.

Nadita de nada. It is not to be seen when the election of the president or interim president of the PRI in Sinaloa will begin, apparently the CEN led by Alejandro Moreno does not have all this, but they are also very busy in the states where there are next. month will be election

Congratulations to all the mothers on this day.

Estrada Ferrero is stubborn and rude”, Governor Rubén Rochao