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Singer Maria Ines Guerra launches her first children’s book

Due to the forced isolation due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, the health of many children had deteriorated. As a result…

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Due to the forced isolation due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, the health of many children had deteriorated. As a result of this and after taking a course for parents, Mexican television presenter and singer María Ines Guerraswas done One of the most personal projects of his professional careerShe received help and inspiration from her three great loves, her children Pedro Pablo, María Inés and Luciano.

it’s about you The first children’s music book “Feel and Sing with Maria Ines”which is made of Three stories dedicated to children Why learn to recognize and accept their feelings as well as manage them in a healthy way,

In a really nice conversation with Debate, Maria Ines, who was part of Academy’s first generationmentioned that after taking the above courses, it really helped him to identify what he had a great desire: to write a book.

“And being a mother, my best inspiration was my children, one would always want to give the best to their children, but would also like to give the best to this childhood, because ultimately they are the future, they are the new generation who undoubtedly have this mental stability. which was affected in the pandemic.

For the illustrations in the book, Maria Ines enlisted the help of a niece.

Through Story “Breathe Now”, Maria Ines Guerra38 years old and originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Highlights Importance of having good breathing habits, because thanks to this, better decisions can be made. With some “super cute” illustrations made by his niece Regina Escobedo Guerra, he depicts this in the story in a very funny way.

“In the first story, which I talk about breathing, I try to explain to children how the brain works and how it needs oxygen to their brain when they are very angry, furious, or very sad. If you do, you have to take a breather to make better decisions.”

One of the sayings is “What does fear taste like?”where you a. bet on good management of emotions“Recognize how each emotion tastes to you, what it smells like, for example, fear might make me smell like sulfur, it tastes like sucking a coin or like cement was poured on my body and I couldn’t move”.

Maria Ines, Bachelor of Human DevelopmentTec de Monterrey, Mexico City campus, and . By Master in Humanistic StudiesWith a specialty in literature, said that when children are asked these questions, and they can answer them through creativity and in a super honest way, they are already learning to understand what they feel. We do.

No emotion is wrong, we can feel guilty without feeling it, but yes, what happens after that, for our acts.

In the same story, he asks infants not only what negative emotions taste like, but also what a kiss or a smile tastes like.

Maria Ines is very proud and happy during the presentation of her book. Photo: Courtesy / Paco Buragin

third, “cotton candy”is one bedtime story and lullaby, Many children continue to go to bed with their parents, are too afraid to be in their rooms, have nightmares and do not sleep well, which has consequences later on.

“Here’s our goal encourage good sleep habitsGood Strategies To Put Your Babies To Sleep And We Use This Magic Powder That My Little Girl Of Six Years Used To Tell Me: ‘Mom, Now Yes, Give Me That Magic Powder You Mentioned In Your Book’ So that I don’t dream with Voldemort, now she brings a Harry Potter vibe.”

simultaneously, maria ines remarked that every child is different, each child is a world and you have to recognize and give the tools to help them, “That’s why there are three manuals for parents (in your book) where we give them the tools to move better.” Through family and stories they can help their children.

The Children of Maria Ines, Heroes of the Stories in Her Book

Pedro Pablo, Maria Ines and LucianoBeing “a very interesting part of the process” of this great project The main characters of the three stories in the book, Luchi, Min and PillowWho is authentic, simple and loving.

“They are very proud to see themselves reflected in the stories and I think it gives them an example too, it is an example of work for my children, helping others, putting themselves in the place of others and They too can pass these messages to their little friends, they are happy”.

His three children were with him during a recent event where the book was released “Feel and Sing With Maria Ines”, Journalists present asked his son Pedro Pablo how he felt about it. Her answer melted the mother’s heart. Maria Ines Guerra,

I loved it because it says: ‘I’m so happy, I’m so proud of my mom’s launch’ Well, I eat a peacock.

This project, as a mother, gives her great lessons on “working for what we want, because a lot of times, when we’re moms, we forget that we’re women, we forget that we’re women.” We’re daughters, sisters, friends, or I don’t know if it just happened to me.”

his first children’s music book It gave them a chance to recognize that I can do things on a professional level that they love and shake hands with my kids., “It’s a bipartisan motivation and they learn by example, we are a role model for them, so that’s what I learn the most, that I can work and be a good mother to them and above all, be a good mother.” team, which is basic, money is also in the largest number of ideas that can connect you”.

Singer Maria Ines learned to be a mother and continued her professional career. Photo: Courtesy / Paco Buragin

Where can I buy Maria Innes’ book? “Siente y sings with Maria Inés” is available both physically and digitally at Gandhi, El Sotano, Sanborns, La Incredible and Orion Kids stores, as well as on Amazon.

Each story has a QR code to download the musical themes that accompany each story, composed by Maria Ines. Likewise, that code also downloads the parent’s manual, lets you watch animated videos of each song on YouTube, and sends you straight to the audiobook.

20 Years of La Academia’s First Generation Tastes Like Nostalgia

it marks 2022 20th anniversary of the first generation of La Academia, the reality show through which Maria Ines became known. Referring to one of the stories in his book, he remarked that if he asked him what this anniversary tasted like:

They totally taste like an insurmountable brotherhood despite nostalgia, gratitude, distance, and, above all, inspiration and hope.

first generation members planning to have an intimate meetingwhere each of them will participate with their respective children (who can participate).

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“We have already added 14 of us, we are not planning to do any concerts, we tried to do it many years back, I think the first thing we need to do is do Dil Se Dil Ko To unite, without so many external factors, that’s what we decided to do something super intimate this year.”

Maria Ines is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco. photo courtesy

Singer Maria Ines Guerra launches her first children’s book

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