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Singer Andrea Sofia launches her new single “Soy Yo”

Through his most recent single, “it’s me”young Mexican singer Andrea Sofia, Shows you don’t need explicit lyrics to launch a…

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Through his most recent single, “it’s me”young Mexican singer Andrea Sofia, Shows you don’t need explicit lyrics to launch a good reggaeton, It is a song that mixes pop and urban genres, released thanks to support from WGN Productions. “Basically, it’s a love affair that most of us have gone through,” said La Voz Kids. former participant ofIn a nice conversation with Deb.

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico’s Nuevo León state, the 17-year-old singer gives this message, Despite that love break, It is possible to move on and it is understood that you are before anyone else,

This is the message that I want to convey through the song and also with the lyrics, which can be considered healthy, for which I thank the composer, because I feel that this is how I reach the message completely. I can

Andrea Sofia He said that most of the reggaeton songs we have heard are based on slightly risky songs.

“Most teens listen to these kinds of songs, but I think it’s a song that, despite being of the same genre, is different, because what the lyrics are, it talks about similar issues: ‘I love you. I’m up, I feel great now’, as the song says, ‘I’m not the woman in your life, I’m your woman’, then, based on the healthy lyrics, I can explain it better, in a particularly good way”.

as well Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnic studentsWorking with WGN Productions on more music.

“Tell people what I like and what I can do with my voice, soon we will release new music for anyone who wants to hear it, also look forward to collaboration, I do it with all my heart Am.”

Personally, he expressed, when he sings, His intention is to be able to convey all kinds of emotions through each of his songs., “I really like being able to tell the public what I feel, that I can identify with and especially with music, I hope they can identify with that too, I really gotta love this.”

Andrea Sofia will release new music in the coming months. photo courtesy

The young artist took part in the musical reality in 2018 the voice of the escape of television, Singer Lucero as his coachKnown as the “Bride of America”. On that occasion, during the blind audition stage, singer-songwriter Carlos Rivera also moved his chair, fascinated by Andrea’s voice.

Already with the experience of being on stage for La Voz Kids, this was a big achievement for her, because when she was a child she watched the show and expressed how much she wanted to meet with the coaches.

“And thank God I got the opportunity to live it up and meet these great artists, like my coach Lucero, Carlos Rivera, host Yuri, they are all great talents nationally and internationally, who have the opportunity to be with people also found. My age, that we shared the same taste”.

It is worth mentioning that A year before La Voz Kids, he traveled to London, England to attend a talent show, His extraordinary interpretation of the famous American singer Whitney Houston’s famous song “I’ll Always Love You” First place in this international competition, “It was also one of those experiences that made me realize that I could really take this something else and it made me emotional.”

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These two talent shows, They have been one of the best experiences in my entire life and my music career.“It has helped me feel more sure of myself when I step on stage or when interpreting and to believe in it”.