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Sinaloa’s representative condemns Luis Enrique Ramirez’s crime

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – Morena, representative of the Panchayati Raj Institutions, and without party, in the forum of the Sinaloa State…

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Culiacán, Sinaloa. – Morena, representative of the Panchayati Raj Institutions, and without party, in the forum of the Sinaloa State Congress condemned on this wednesday Journalist Luis Enrique Ramirez murderedAnd it was Justice Commission deputy Alma Rosa Garzón Aguilar, who said that talking about politics makes this job extremely risky.

He recognized that there is a social demand for justice, but He trusted that Governor Reuben Rocha would do everything in his power and cooperate with the state attorney general’s office to explain the murder., He also gave his vote of confidence to Sarah Bruna Quinonez, the head of the said prosecutor, to clarify the matter.

In the ordinary cases of the extraordinary session, the case of Luis Enrique Ramírez was dealt with by Murray’s deputy Cecilia Covarrubias González, who insisted that the crime of journalists is a violation of the right to information and the truth that everyone has. Mexican and Mexican.

questioned that Public insecurity remains a serious problem in the country and warned that it is strongly demanded that no punishment be imposed.

However, he clarified that Governor Rubén Rocha Moya has established a strong position of full respect for freedom of the pressAnd has said that his administration will have no place for officials who prosecute or file lawsuits against journalists because of their professional practice.

“As members of the Mexican State, the public powers and authorities of the State of Sinaloa are obliged to protect, preserve and guarantee their work, as well as freedom of expression,” he said.

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PRI deputy Gloria Himelda Felix Niebla explained that the press can be good or bad, but she clarified that without freedom there will always be a bad press.

“How long will we wait before they leave us, in a way that will be taken from us, as in the case of Luis Enrique Ramírez,” he questioned.

We have lost a great pen and in the worst possible way. Our solidarity with the Journalists Association”, he expressed.

He further said, it is good that today we all have got a turning point so that this unfortunate incident does not become a stage demonstration, but marks the before and after state Congress conducting itself on this issue. Freedom of expression, freedom of expression and providing journalists and human rights defenders the tools to protect them.

PAS deputy Elizabeth Chia Galaviz called the “cheap” aggression against journalists across the country and in Sinaloa “unacceptable”.

He also called for the enforcement of the law to protect journalists and human rights defenders.

He also offered his support to Governor Ruben Rocha in his request that To expedite the approval process of common law to protect journalists.

Journalists, he affirmed, represent the freedom of expression that society as a whole deserves.

Deputy Adolfo Beltrán Corrales, who does not belong to either party, warned that there have been 11 journalists who have taken their own lives in Mexico so far this year, and warned that it indicates things are not going well. Huh.

They agreed that the state Congress should approve legislation to protect journalists and human rights defenders.

“I invite this reflection as Congress and the commitment to be able to legislate accordingly, prepare a law that at least lays the foundation for the protection of this union,” he said.

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Morena, representative of the PRI and PAS and without party representative, condemns the crime of journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez Ramos and speaks out for advancing laws and prevention and protection tools to guarantee the free exercise of freedom of expression.

Senator Mario Zamora condemns the murder of journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez Ramosi

Sinaloa’s representative condemns Luis Enrique Ramirez’s crime

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