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Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office unveils new evidence in the murder of Luis Enrique Ramirez

Culiacan, Sinaloa. – The head of the Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa, Sara Bruna Quinonez Estrada, revealed that…

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Culiacan, Sinaloa. – The head of the Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa, Sara Bruna Quinonez Estrada, revealed that They continue to collect information about the investigation into the journalist’s murder. Luis Enrique Ramirez and that there are still no people detained for this cunning crime.

in an interview for argumentCunez Estrada said in the beginning that “Like you, I feel disheartened, of course, deeply hurt by these acts, so much barbarism that has taken place in our state.”

The head of FGE said that at the moment no investigation can be ruled out They will call to testify some relatives and close people of the journalist who worked at El Debate.La Jornada, El Universal, among other media.

“Of course our efforts are focused directly on making the facts clear and, like you and everyone in Cinnalon, are trying to make sure these facts are not innocent.”

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What has been investigated so far?

“We only had the knowledge yesterday (Thursday), we have gone over 24 hours, which we started with the processing of the discovery site, in an event of this nature required expert report; it was determined And as stated in the conference yesterday afternoon, the reason He died of a traumatic brain injury, which was the product of an accidental blow.,

Similarly, at the conclusion of that expert opinion, it was determined that He suffered a wound in his right leg created by a firearm projectile, which had an entry and exit hole.Plus another minor injury due to shrapnel.”

it is compatible the discovery of the place where he was deprived of his libertySince the first investigation was conducted by our group of investigators, when they were set up in the vicinity of Luis Enrique’s house, some residents of that place were interviewed, some of them told us that they found out that On the 4th, in the morning, Some explosions were heard, some coincide in two, others in threeBut the important thing is that they heard the explosions.

“After that line of inquiry and the data that locates them at a certain place, investigative agents are formed, they inspect the place where they find One of the sandals that the family identified as the current victimHermetic drippings (blood) were also found, a telephone apparently in the laboratory but that seems to have had nothing to do with the facts, too pebblesIncluding a deformed warhead”.

Sarah Bruna Quinonez indicated that this led her to establish the hypothesis that Luis was in that location, close to Enrique’s home, that he was deprived of his liberty; He said that some residents of the sector also told that noticed, when they put him in a white vehicle, some men forcibly,

“However, since this occurred in the early morning hours of the 4th and the discovery was found by the 5th, we can establish that there was a period in which they kept him alive somewhere we still don’t know… we came to the belief that he was somewhere safe for some time, ”he explained.

He said he has inspected all possible exits, the routes the vehicle could have taken, is inspecting cameras, although he still does not have the results of that work of investigation. That’s really all we have so far.”

“The reason why he was on the road at the time was based on information provided by his family” he was at home and at that time he said he was going to go with a friendHe mentions that friend’s name, for security reasons we haven’t mentioned him yet, his mother asks him why he is leaving at that time, as he leaves without any explanation, mother talks to her daughter-in-law and tells him what’s going on”, the state attorney said.

He indicated that “the house of his daughter-in-law and the brother of his son, Luis Enrique, is established and until another day they discover that the slippers are nearby, only then they begin to suspect something bad.” However, they did not report the disappearance of Luis Enrique, as they say that it was normal for him to isolate himself for a while,

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Bruna Quionez remarked that she has precise instructions from Sinaloa’s governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, not to spare resources or efforts to explain the murder of Luis Enrique Ramírez and to be able to find those responsible for the unfortunate incident that took place. has disappointed. From Sinaloa media outlets and Mexico.