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Sinaloa prosecutor to meet with committee to protect journalists

Sinaloa. – Represents an international organization based in the United States Journalists’ safety committee will meet today in Kuliakan, Attorney…

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Sinaloa. – Represents an international organization based in the United States Journalists’ safety committee will meet today in Kuliakan, Attorney General of Justice, Sara Bruna with Quinonez EstradaTo learn about the investigation of The assassination of Luis Enrique Ramirez RamosiDebate columnist.


after the conflicts between federal and local reports On the identification and declaration of the alleged perpetrators that A journalist’s professional activity was almost ruled out as the cause of the murder., Local Associations for the Defense of Freedom of Expression criticized the government of Andres Manuel López Obrador for separating the case of Luis Enrique Ramírez from his journalistic work, a constant in the numerous murders of journalists in Mexico, where prosecutors, governors and The officers soon leave to announce that their work has been dismissed on the lines of the investigation. This time it is seven days after the incident.

The federal under-secretary of public security, Ricardo Mejia, reported during Mananera on Thursday that, while they have been able to gather evidence, they have no indication that the murder is related to Ramírez Ramos’ activity as a columnist and journalist. .


Jan-Albert Hutson, representative in Mexico of the Committee to Protect Journalists, explained that identifying the alleged perpetrators of Ramirez’s murder does not mean that there is no punishment, because The process is just starting.

He stressed that the authorities should be very cautious, and criticized the fact that no evidence or reasoning has been provided to dismiss this line of investigation, separating the murder from his journalistic work. He said this has been a practice that has happened in other cases of colleagues as well.

He explained that it is best not to mention anything publicly that the public can understand, as the investigation process is on.

The international activist commented that, although the progress of the investigation could not be shared in detail, it could be given to relatives, civic organizations and the newspaper. argument,

He said that the murder of Luis Enrique Ramírez is a big blow to Sinaloa society, and it is the authority’s responsibility to clarify this fact.

shadow of impunity

Sinaloa Organization journalist for peace He insisted that there should be no room for impunity, which is why it is important not to dismiss Luis Enrique’s work as a columnist, especially since he had a history of threats that He went public in 2015.
Raquel Zapien, the association’s representative in Mazatlán, explained that the national situation is worrying “in a context where Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for journalism in the world. That line of inquiry should not be ruled out,” he said.

Trinidad Valdez, president of the Fraternity of Communicators and Freedom of Expression, AC, said that the dismissal of the investigation concerning the texts of Luis Enrique was precisely what the union did not want. Ahom’s union expressed: “We are hurt by the omission, attacked because we think the political class is responsible for the killings of journalists in Mexico.”

Express “Justice”

Prosecutors, security secretaries and governments nationally are rushing to dismiss lines of investigation related to the journalistic work of journalists and columnists. This year he has killed 11 journalists.

He wrote about politics and drug trafficking in Veracruz. He was the first journalist to be killed in January 2022. In April he arrested one of his nephews, whom he alleges. He denied that the reason was related to his work. The family says that he is the scapegoat.

He worked on a web page in Michoacán, where he published the corruption of politicians. The media threatened. A Presidency spokesman denied that he was a journalist. The governor said the line of inquiry was his work in an office.

Following the murder of a security journalist in Zacatecas, Governor David Monreal accused the media of being “promoters of criminal organizations” for reporting and disseminating scenes of violence.

The Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office investigates the recent murder of journalists who leaked some audio. Molinedo reportedly talks to someone he says has links with extortionists and smugglers.

To understand…

In connection with the investigation into the murder of Luis Enrique Ramírez, the federal under-secretary of public security, Ricardo Mejia, reported in the “Zero Penalty” section at his morning conference with the president on Thursday, that “with signs, with data he has From the evidence available, it can be said that there is no element to infer that the murder is connected with his journalistic activity.
Research in Sinaloa

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In this sense, Governor Reuben Rocha stated that this information should be specified by the Attorney General, Sarah Bruna, and that work is still being done on mobile, for which no line can be ruled out yet.

Sinaloa prosecutor to meet with committee to protect journalists

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